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WERC Annual Conference Provides WDSrx With Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Logistics Clients

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) conference was founded 42 years ago by Ken Ackerman (left front), with WDSrx Marketing Director Lawrence Hotz enjoying dinner in Columbus, OH with Kevin Reynolds, WDSrx Logistics Manager at our Lockbourne, OH facility (back right) and logistics industry icon Dick Hitchcock.

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) held their 2019 annual conference April 28-May 1 in Columbus, Ohio where the organization was founded 42 years ago.

This event attracts logistics professionals from multiple industries who share best practices to improve efficiencies and refine business strategies.

WDSrx Marketing Director Lawrence Hotz attended multiple sessions out of over 100 topics and facility tours on the agenda, acquiring insights to benefit current pharmaceutical logistics clients.

In a presentation about differences between various Warehouse Management Systems, Michael Wohlwend, Managing Principal at Alpine Supply Chain Solutions provided a cost/benefit analysis based on selecting and implementing a new WMS for a client within five months.

A session about emerging technologies in the supply chain included discussion about disruptive applications that are increasingly common warehouse practices:

  • Robots that are operational the same day they arrive at a facility begin to pay for themselves immediately
  • Digital freight brokerages are expanding their capabilities and making inroads with industries that require specialized services including pharmaceuticals
  • Performance metrics in the warehouse are updated and displayed in real time to anticipate potential problems and to provide transparent supply chain data directly to customers

At “Define and Align: Creating a Hierarchy of Distribution Metrics,” Tim Judge, CEO of Agillitics separated performance metrics into several categories: strategy, quality, complexity, customer and profitability.  Separate sets of metrics measure performance within each category.  Company management must determine the key statistics that address their business priorities and commit to ongoing analysis for continuous improvement.

Another WERC session highlighted the industry-wide challenge of attracting and retaining a qualified workforce.  According to speaker John Frehse, Senior Managing Director of Ankura Consulting Group, companies will develop more employee loyalty with a thoughtful and logical approach resulting in a mix of monetary and non-monetary compensation and incentives.

The advanced expertise of event attendees was represented by Ken Ackerman, a founding member of WERC, who attended multiple sessions and remains a vital force in warehouse logistics.  Ken organized the Council’s first annual conference in Columbus, Ohio in 1977.

For further information about logistics trends and applications affecting efficiency in the life sciences industry, contact Larry Hotz at lhotz@wdsrx.com and 561-998-3885 x304.

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