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WDSrx Solves Multiple Cold-Chain Challenges With A Single Shipment 


Figure 1: Client Specifications Included Placement Of Refrigerated And Frozen Items In The Same Order.

Certain pharmaceutical drug products, bio-processing products and pathology transport mediums must be maintained within a consistent temperature range for product potency and patient safety.   A client required a cold-chain logistics solution involving refrigerated and frozen products shipped in the same package.  The specialized nature of the contents demanded immediate shipment to domestic and international markets.  WDSrx instituted a plan that maintained product integrity using specialized handling and packaging elements to fulfill orders and meet client expectations.


Figure 2: Written Protocols Were Established For Greater Order Efficiency.

The primary challenge was to assure consistent temperature for multiple product and packaging variations.  In addition, product integrity had to be maintained for short and long-distance destinations within the United States and across the globe.  Another important consideration involved quick customs clearance across international borders to minimize delivery delays.

Adam Runsdorf, WDSrx President, was involved during the process.  “WDSrx offers the diversified services of larger logistics providers with the unique ability to quickly develop and implement innovative solutions to benefit clients.”


Figure 3 Order Configurations Were Reduced To Sixteen Packaging Combinations.

The client transferred their business to WDSrx from another third party logistics provider to improve results.  The Director of Corporate Operations at the client company stated “When we decided to move our business to a new logistics provider, we were impressed with WDSrx because they provided several options that improved our efficiency and reduced our costs.”

WDSrx conducted extensive testing to develop pharmaceutical packaging efficiencies for the client.  The resulting fulfillment protocol consisted of 16 separate shipping combinations based on outer packaging, product selection and external temperature.

All shipments included bubble wrap, ice packs and instructional materials.  Every shipment had a different combination of these items based on the time of year.  Warmer external temperatures required more insulation compared to colder temperatures.

Further customization resulted from each shipment containing either both refrigerated and frozen items or the refrigerated item alone.

To assure order accuracy, WDSrx assigned a dedicated team of warehouse technicians for package assembly.  The temperature-sensitive nature of the products required packages to be assembled manually and shipped in the shortest amount of time.  During and after assembly, each package goes through quality checks prior to immediate shipment from the facility.

Comprehensive metrics are compiled for each order documenting product details, shipping information, delivery tracking and temperature settings at origin, in transit and when it reaches the destination.  This database provides valuable insights to improve results for future orders.


Figure 4: Orders Are Fulfilled And Shipped Within 24 Hours.

The client experienced a reduction in order lead time with WDSrx compared with their previous logistics provider.  The incidence of temperature excursions dramatically declined resulting in fewer problems, reduced return rates and greater customer and patient satisfaction.

Future process improvements will include development of more space-efficient packaging solutions to accommodate multiple pack-out scenarios resulting in additional transportation cost-savings.

WDSrx evaluated a complex project involving two cold chain products and created a comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging solution that reduced order assembly time, improved delivery time and maintained multiple temperatures within the same package from origin to destination.


Warehousing and Distribution – With over 210,000 square feet of temperature-regulated 3PL pharmaceutical warehousing space available for order receipt, storage and fulfillment, WDSrx provides multiple diversified services.

Temperature Regulated Environments – Certain pharmaceutical drug products must be maintained within a consistent temperature range for product potency and patient safety.   Temperature Regulated Environments for pharmaceutical cold chain logistics at WDSrx facilities in Boca Raton, FL and in Sugar Land, TX accommodate temperature requirements for many types of sensitive pharmaceutical drug products.

Transportation Management – WDSrx manages transportation requirements by road, by sea, by rail and by air for products originating domestically and internationally.  This program requires a skilled team to facilitate customs clearances at international borders to deliver products within acceptable time and temperature ranges.

Product Packaging and Labeling – Each packaging program is customized in advance to confirm all specifications and to review potential operational and cost efficiencies that are passed on to the client.

For further information contact Justin Runsdorf or Larry Hotz, (561) 998-3800 x304 or

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