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WDSrx Promotes 3PL Benefits To Veterinary Brands at NASC Annual Conference

Samuel Seelenfreund and Lawrence Hotz of WDSrx spoke to 300 guests at the NASC annual conference and stressed the benefits for veterinary manufacturers working with pharmaceutical logistics services providers to increase efficiency and profit.


At the National Animal Supplement Council annual conference in Doral, Florida, manufacturers of veterinary products gathered to learn and share information about innovations and developments within the animal health industry.

WDSrx was asked to make a presentation to the over 300 guests in attendance about the relationship between pharmaceutical logistics and animal health products.

Sam Seelenfreund, WDSrx Business Development Manager and Marketing Director Larry Hotz engaged the audience by recommending an alternative strategy to increase profit by utilizing pharmaceutical logistics services provided by WDSrx.

Seelenfreund and Hotz made several points that highlighted the benefits of working with WDSrx compared with the traditional fulfillment model for veterinary products that use a distributor model:

  • Pet owners are spending more on their pets compared with previous periods
  • Higher prices translate into higher customer expectations for premium quality products and services
  • Pet owners demand transparency in ingredients, labels and in how their product is handled as it moves from manufacturer to their doorstep
  • Pharmaceutical logistics services providers including WDSrx have higher compliance requirements for warehousing and handling compared with standards for veterinary products
  • Consumers want brands to develop relationships with them to show they have shared interests and care as deeply about their pets as their owners
  • Traditional veterinary distributors limit customer information they pass on to brand owners
  • WDSrx provides complete customer data to brand owners in real time, making it easier to develop impactful outreach based on customer preferences
  • WDSrx negotiates shipping rates and delivery times that compete with Amazon, with added confidence that cold-chain and other specialized packaging will be handled correctly due to our experience with pharmaceutical products

The presentation was well received and resulted in several follow-up inquiries with Marketing Coordinator Alvaro Sanchez at our tabletop display.

WDSrx specializes in logistics solutions within the pharmaceutical supply chain.  Our unique expertise also benefits companies in related industries including animal health, personal care products, medical devices and specialty chemicals.

For further information contact Larry Hotz, WDSrx Marketing Director at or 561-998-3885 x304.

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