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    WDSrx In The News: South Florida Business Journal

    WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf was interviewed and provided a quote for a cover story in the South Florida Business Journal titled “Inside South Florida’s Push To Become A Pharma Hub.”

    The story highlighted innovative companies in Florida within the pharmaceutical supply chain that are gaining a national reputation for excellence including WDSrx, Miami International Airport and Apotex Pharmaceuticals.

    During the interview with reporter Keith Larsen, Runsdorf outlined several important reasons contributing to the success of South Florida as a pharmaceutical industry center.

    First, South Florida benefits from an advantageous geographic location.   Ports are located close to third party logistics facilities minimizing inland transportation costs.  Also, Miami is often the closest point of entry into the United States from Latin America.  Clients feel more comfortable when their inventory is close at hand.

    Everyone appreciates the weather advantages in Florida, with few weather-related shipping delays due to favorable year-round climate.

    With no state taxes, additional savings can be realized by locating in Florida.

    Transportation infrastructure in Florida is among the most developed in the country providing several options  with updated road, rail, air and sea networks.  Because industry in Florida is mainly service-based, meaning that goods mostly flow into Florida, pharmaceutical products leaving the state receive favorable rates from transportation providers.  In most cases, the same delivery schedules with comparable or favorable prices are met by WDSrx shipping from Florida compared with shipments originating in other parts of the country.

    WDSrx is the only pharmaceutical 3PL mentioned in the story due to our diversified services and healthcare supply chain solutions.

    Read the entire article here.

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