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WDSrx Employees Accept Prizes for Winning Contest

Contest winners from Advance Q1 2020
Advance contest winners (l to r) Steve Valencia, Lizbeth Hernandes, Zubin Mehta-Rao and Thalia Rivera hold their prizes.


Boca Raton, FL (May 6, 2020) – Four WDSrx employees accepted prizes today for winning entries in the contest published in the 1Q2020 edition of Advance, the WDSrx company magazine.

How well do you listen when your fellow employee recommends a song?

Many WDSrx employees take recommendations seriously.  Four winners were chosen from a large group of submissions responding to the contest.  The contest listed eight songs and artists and eight WDSrx employees and challenged readers to match the song with the employee who recommended it.

The four winners of the Dunkin’ gift cards this issue are:

Steve Valencia, Reverse Logistics Technician – Steve began working at WDSrx in August, 2018, first as a warehouse technician and then in the Reverse Logistics department. Steve pays very close attention to detail and works hard to stay organized.

Lizbeth Hernandes, Accounting Coordinator – Lizbeth still boasts daily about the win for Peru over Colombia in the soccer match at Hard Rock Stadium last November 15. Lizbeth says the key to her success is being successful is the never give up and be persistent when dealing with clients.

Zubin Mehta-Rao, Account Coordinator – Zubin makes the finest Cuban coffee north of Havana. Within the last four months, Zubin has helped his team become incredibly productive and efficient since he started on January 15, 2020.

Thalia Rivera, Account Coordinator – Thalia began working at WDSrx in April of last year in 2019. With her efficient work ethics and personable attitude, Thalia has been able to take on many challenging tasks that have been thrown at her.

Think you truly know your team members favorite musical artist? Try and match the employee to their favorite artist yourself:

The contest for 1Q2020 Advance magazine from WDSrx

Congratulations to the winners!

And for those who want to check their answers, the solution is:

1B Gaby/Bad Bunny, 2E Jackson/Jay Z, 3H Carla/Meg the Stallion, 4G Diana/Dua Lipa, 5A Martha/Alejandro Sanz, 6D Zubin/Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, 7C Cody/Midland, 8F Marta/Ricardo

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