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    Four Winners Solve Puzzle In WDSrx Advance Magazine

    Gloria, Scott, Matt and Daniela accept their prizes for being the first people to correctly complete the puzzle contest in the WDSrx Advance magazine.

    Answers came flying in from all over the company.

    The task? Figure out the number pattern and find the solution to the puzzle in the recent edition of Advance, the WDSrx company magazine.

    According to Advance editor Alvaro Sanchez, including a puzzle for the contest reinforced the “Risk and Reward” theme of the issue. “Figuring out a number pattern comes with risks. One wrong calculation can throw off the whole pattern and can mislead you. The puzzle was structured to be challenging so I was incredibly surprised when correct answers quickly started coming in immediately after the magazine was distributed.”

    With a company culture that emphasizes individual accomplishment and working towards common goals, a large number of responses was expected.

    WDSrx team members submitted responses soon after the magazine was distributed to the throughout the company’s seven locations in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas. The lucky four recipients of a Dunkin’ Gift Card are:

    Matthew Gordon, Account Coordinator –Matthew started working at WDSrx in February, 2019 and is responsible for receiving and processing orders for his accounts. Matt doesn’t turn down a challenge. Once he was faced with the magazine puzzle he quickly figured it out and rewarded himself with a nice cold coffee.

    Gloria D’Asaro-Medina, Accounting Coordinator – Gloria is an outgoing person who is always looking for a challenge. She quickly and efficiently worked through the puzzle to find the solution. Gloria joined our team in July, 2017 and helps clients with order-to-cash processing.

    Daniela Sinatra, Accounting Manager – Daniela began working at WDSrx in February, 2012 and is in charge of the financials of the company. Her job required her to keep records of where funds are being allocated and sometimes tracing back funds to determine if they are accurate. Daniela’s job experience helped her figure out the puzzle and ultimately become a winner.

    Scott Cohon, Director – Scott wasted no time figuring out the puzzle as soon as he received his copy of Advance.  “Competition is fierce around the office,” according to Scott.  “I knew I had to turn to the back cover right away to work on the puzzle before I could relax and read the articles.”

    Try and solve the mystery yourself to learn how our team applies their abilities to solve a problem:

    Congratulations to the winners!

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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