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    Healthcare Champion Award: Streamlining The Supply Chain Between Treatment And Patient

    The Healthcare Champion Award is bestowed on a person or organization that streamlines the supply chain between treatment and patient.

    The recipient of the 2018 Healthcare Champion Award is the Co-Director of the University of Florida Soft Matter Engineering Center, Tommy Angelini Ph.D.

    Dr. Angelini and his team created a method of 3D-printing human cellular structures to accelerate the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.

    The award ceremony was held during scwish:pharma, an industry event offering healthcare supply chain solutions with attendance by operations and regulatory professionals specializing in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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    Healthcare Champion recipient Tommy Angelini, Ph.D., (center) accepts congratulations from Tony Siu of AX Pharmaceutical (Left) and Gus Gonzalez of SHL Pharma LLC.

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