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WDSrx Attends The Florida Supply Chain Summit 2019

Florida is recognized as one of the major national hubs for pharma logistics, employing over half a million Floridians, according to Enterprise Florida.

The 2019 Florida Supply Chain Summit in Orlando, FL from February 6-7 attracted retailers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, 3PLs, transportation, pharma logistics providers and economic, education and government entities.

The event provided WDSrx Marketing Coordinator Alvaro Sanchez the opportunity to network, share knowledge and address industry issues with key representatives from professional organizations, government, economic development agencies, higher education and the logistics industry.

Topics such as blockchain, automation technologies, data analytics and cybersecurity were among the many topics mentioned during the summit.

Industry experts also spoke about the achievements accomplished by the State of Florida last year and the ways that Florida plans to keep advancing as a global trade hub.

For further information contact: Larry Hotz, or 561-998-3885

The Florida Supply Chain Summit attracted logistics firms throughout the State

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