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    The production team at WDSrx manages packaging and labeling projects.

    Something is different at our on-site packaging and labeling department in our Boca Raton, Florida headquarters facility.  No, it’s not the stylish haircut on Production Manager Edwin Suarez. But something definitely is improved.

    For the answer, look closer at the protective clothing worn by the production technicians.  WDSrx recently made the decision to switch from paper to fabric jackets.

    There are many advantages that justified this development.

    First, the one-time use paper jackets generated unnecessary waste.  For sanitary reasons, paper jackets were discarded after each use. As hiring for new projects increased in the production facility this practice became unsustainable.

    The reusable fabric jackets reduce waste compared with the paper.  Each week, used jackets are laundered with hygienic detergents and equipment and returned to WDSrx.  Our vendor partner, UniFirst is a member of the Laundry Environment Stewardship Program (LaundryESP), a voluntary pollution prevention and resource conservation program.  For example, laundry detergents are 100% green and biodegradable. By-products from the cleaning process are non-polluting and safe for the environment.

    Next, the new uniform program conforms to WDSrx corporate identity guidelines.  Each jacket is logoed with the familiar WDSrx blue and gray company name. Everyone on the production team is now part of the larger WDSrx team, matching logos on the blue polo shirts worn by our warehouse technicians and black polos on our management team.  

    Third, the fabric jackets make economic sense.  The annual expense of paper jackets is significantly higher compared with the cost of our uniform program.  Continuous improvement is an important priority. Switching from paper to fabric saves money and increases efficiency for the company.

    Finally, there is a personal benefit received from wearing the new garments.  They feel better, fit better and look better compared with the old paper solution.  The production team enjoys wearing them and this influences their job satisfaction and positively affects their productivity.

    “As demand for packaging and labeling continue to grow, our production unit is expanding work hours and hiring additional technicians,” according to Production Manager Edwin Suarez.  “The new uniform program motivates everyone to put our best efforts into this important work.”

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