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Sustainability As a Driver of Business Success at WDSrx

By: Rachael Stern Introduction As society and the world around us evolves, so do businesses, organizations, and other entities. Part of the evolution occurring today is sustainability and how organizations incorporate the ideology of “going green” into their everyday practices and into the workplace. In the supply chain industry, sustainability has become a hot topic regarding how much waste is produced in the supply chain. As more manufacturers become sustainably aware, they expect their di...

WDSrx Shares Logistics Industry Intelligence Affecting Palm Beach County

Green Logistics Sustainability and conservation were the themes of the Logistics and Distribution Industry Task Force meeting organized by the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County. Task force members include supply chain professionals from leading companies in various industries operating from Palm Beach County.  The mission of the group is to update the Business Development Board about logistics issues as it recruits new companies to and supports expansion of companies currently loc...

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