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reverse logistics

Destruction Process

WDSrx Boosts Vitamin Destruction

Support for product recalls and withdrawals is an important function of the WDSrx Reverse Logistics department. In addition to these services, the skilled team also manages regulatory compliant product returns and destruction. A prominent national manufacturer of dietary supplements required WDSrx to manage the destruction of expired inventory according to regulatory guidelines.  WDSrx Reverse Logistics Manager Bryan Flores developed the plan that involved the safe disposal of the expired suppl...

Friendships Formed At WDSrx Lead To African Safari Vacation

  When WDSrx Reverse Logistics Technician Carolina Hernandez ‘liked’ some Facebook images last year taken at a wild game reserve in Africa, her intentions did not include taking the trip of a lifetime on safari in Kenya with her family and two office colleagues. But that’s what happened. Those ‘likes’ led to Carolina adding comments to the same Facebook page about the beauty of the wildlife and environment shown in the photographs. Soon a conversation began with the photographer n...

Refreshing Idea Makes Online Pharmaceutical Returns Faster, Easier, ‘Kind Of Fun’

Refreshing Idea Makes Online Pharmaceutical Returns Faster, Easier, ‘Kind Of Fun’ A Web-Based System For Healthcare Practitioners Reduces Paperwork and Increases Patient Interaction. Boca Raton, FL; November 1, 2017 — Healthcare Managed Service Organizations (MSOs) managing physicians’ and surgeons’ offices, urgent care centers and other medical facilities dispensing medications are increasingly distracted by time lost managing administrative duties including processing dru...

Are any Controlled Substances (CII) included in your return? If so, please press "Yes" and complete the DEA 222 Request Form. You can also contact Jason Solomon at or (561) 998-3885 x316.