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    pharmaceutical return companies

    Facilities Focus – Q2 2020

    A lot happens in 230,000 square feet of pharmaceutical logistics capacity, like new roofs, new equipment, new people and new clients. Read here about some of the developments occurring at the seven WDSrx facilities in Ohio, Texas, Florida and New Jersey Boca Raton, FL: Headquarters There’s been some banging coming from above to go along with the hum of activity at WDSrx headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. Spring cleaning this year included replacing the roof in a portion of the 72,000 square ...

    WDSrx Bulks Up Pharmaceutical Returns Capabilities

    LOGISTICS SERVICES PROVIDER REGISTERS AS LARGE QUANTITY GENERATOR (LQG) TO HANDLE BULK PHARMACEUTICAL RETURNS Kangaroos share a characteristic with pharmaceutical manufacturers. They dislike moving backwards.  But they often need to reverse direction. For kangaroos, they turn around when they see a dingo.  The dingo for pharmaceutical manufacturers is the reverse logistics process. “It is estimated that more than 120 million units with a product value in excess of $13 billion flows throu...

    Case Study: Manufacturer Reverses Revenue Loss and Increases Productivity With Automated Chargeback Processing

    INTRODUCTION Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing are complex processes.  When a medication is approved for commercial use, the sales pathway between the manufacturer and patient involves multiple parties. Each step adds contract terms that specify requirements for price, storage, fulfillment and payment. The manufacturer must actively engage with all parties to minimize revenue loss. Chargebacks are an important component of the payment process that can reduce revenue loss when managed...

    Are any Controlled Substances (CII) included in your return? If so, please press "Yes" and complete the DEA 222 Request Form. You can also contact Jason Solomon at or (561) 998-3885 x316.