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company culture

Contest winners from Advance Q1 2020

WDSrx Employees Accept Prizes for Winning Contest

  Boca Raton, FL (May 6, 2020) – Four WDSrx employees accepted prizes today for winning entries in the contest published in the 1Q2020 edition of Advance, the WDSrx company magazine. How well do you listen when your fellow employee recommends a song? Many WDSrx employees take recommendations seriously.  Four winners were chosen from a large group of submissions responding to the contest.  The contest listed eight songs and artists and eight WDSrx employees and challenged readers to ...

Four Winners Solve Puzzle In WDSrx Advance Magazine

Answers came flying in from all over the company. The task? Figure out the number pattern and find the solution to the puzzle in the recent edition of Advance, the WDSrx company magazine. According to Advance editor Alvaro Sanchez, including a puzzle for the contest reinforced the “Risk and Reward” theme of the issue. “Figuring out a number pattern comes with risks. One wrong calculation can throw off the whole pattern and can mislead you. The puzzle was structured to be challenging so I w...

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