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    More Patients Online Instead of In Line For Prescription Delivery

    This article is part of a series of stories exploring “Business Trends and Communications Strategies in the Pharmaceutical 3PL Market.” Prescription Delivery The way in which patients receive their prescriptions is changing. What was once a primarily place-based setting is shifting to a more virtual and technological based environment. This trend has implications for the pharmaceutical logistics industry. The conventional channels that patients use to receive medications are expandin...

    The Ultimate 3PL Guide to Safety and Security

    Most of us are concerned about our safety and security.  We take extra steps to keep ourselves and our families safe at our pharmaceutical logistic facilities. When selecting a pharmaceutical logistics services provider, safety and security take on added importance. Patient health depends on the consistent movement of medications within the supply chain. Government and other authorities require pharmaceutical logistics services providers to operate during normal and extraordinary situations inc...

    WDSrx Experts Speak at Industry Conferences

    Significant supply chain organizations have approached WDSrx to speak at prominent industry conferences about our logistics experience. “We always entertain requests from external sources to share our logistics expertise as it helps our current and potential clients understand the challenges that we address in our industry,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf. Recently, WDSrx Marketing Director Larry Hotz participated in a panel discussion at the CSCMP 2018 Edge Conference in Nashv...

    WDSrx Pharmaceutical Warehouses: New Equipment Ensures Optimal Efficiency

    In order for 3PL pharmaceutical warehouses to perform at the highest level, it is crucial to have the right equipment. Machinery and equipment at WDSrx facilities are regularly evaluated to ensure optimal efficiency. Older items are repaired or replaced with new products to maintain an up-to-date inventory. Recent equipment additions include a new counter-balance in the Dayton, NJ warehouse, double-capacity electric pallet jacks at one of our Boca Raton locations and a capsule-filling machine at...

    WDSrx Integrates Data From Separate Facilities For Increased Efficiency

    The recent geographic expansion of WDSrx operations into New Jersey and Ohio introduced new capacity that now totals over 425,000 square feet. Currently WDSrx operates seven pharmaceutical warehousing facilities in Florida, Texas, Ohio and New Jersey. The WDSrx executive team is implementing the growth strategy at a measured pace to fully integrate physical properties. There are three key areas required to fully synchronize operations: people, processes, and technology.  By concentrating on the...


    Increase Supply of Gratitude for Healthy Warehouse Workplace

    Supply a Culture of Gratitude Many people anticipate the holiday season as a time when work slows down compared with the rest of the year. However, at WDSrx, the schedule around the holiday season and New Year is a busy period for supply chain logistics. Our clients usually conduct end-of-year inventory audits that coincide with the months of December and January. According to WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein: “Annual inventory audits support clients in three primary areas: First, a count...

    3pl pharmaceutical distribution

    Pharmaceutical 3PL Companies Set Specialty Pharma Market In Motion

    Pharmaceutical Commerce – July August 2016 This article by Nicholas Basta in the July-August issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce details specialized 3PL managed services developed to distribute specialty pharmaceutical drug products through non-traditional channels. Excerpt: “Other distributors pick up specialty business where they can, when the combination of the client needs and their own capabilities align.  At Woodfield Distribution (WDSrx), the company began working with a women...

    pharmaceutical cold chain logistics


    From Inbound Logistics, January 2016 Things are getting chilly around here. New pharmaceutical drug products called biologics are derived from human genes.  These drugs often treat rare diseases and bring hope to patients around the world.  Biologics require special handling including temperature regulated storage often in a frozen state as well as motion detection and increased supervision throughout the shipping and delivery phases in order to maintain drug efficacy and ensure patient safet...

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