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    Increase Supply of Gratitude for Healthy Warehouse Workplace

    WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein (left) assists Logistics Manager Jorge Lopez (right) with an end-of-year audit to assure client satisfaction.

    Supply a Culture of Gratitude

    Many people anticipate the holiday season as a time when work slows down compared with the rest of the year. However, at WDSrx, the schedule around the holiday season and New Year is a busy period for supply chain logistics. Our clients usually conduct end-of-year inventory audits that coincide with the months of December and January.

    According to WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein:

    “Annual inventory audits support clients in three primary areas: First, a count is necessary for end-of-year client accounting records. Second, the annual cycle count helps to begin the New Year with matching data between our Datex WMS system and physical inventory within our warehouses. Third, the process confirms to our clients that our documentation and data are correct as we deliver Confidence Beyond Compliance.”

    Counting products in our warehouses requires patience and concentration. The same qualities are required to evaluate our emotional well-being. You may be familiar with the phrase “Count your blessings.” This recommendation prompts each of us to think about things we are grateful for in our lives.

    Perhaps it may be possible this year to combine adding inventory with adding up people and experiences we cherish. Expressing one’s “supply of gratitude” helps us feel better about our lives and ourselves. When we think about things that make us happy, our emotional well-being improves.

    For each scan during the inventory process, think about someone or something that makes you smile. It could be a family member, a great meal you had, a vacation spot or favorite pet. Maybe it’s the smell of your mother’s cooking or how you laugh with your best friend. One scan equals one good thought.

    You may find that this practice becomes a habit. It may turn out that your work may become easier, that you feel better more often and your relationships improve. Positive thinking can transform our behavior and help us to find a new and improved perspective about our place in the world.

    The objective is to carry this habit into the New Year. The year 2021 was filled with challenges. If you follow these instructions for annual client inventories, 2022 may be filled with renewed energy for life and work.

    WDSrx Employees Show Their Gratitude

    Below are testimonials from some of the many employees at our various warehouse facilities who wanted to show off their supply of gratitude.


    Jairo Rincon [Warehouse Technician – Boca Raton, FL (951/Headquarters)]

    Jairo is grateful for his wife, daughter, son, and brothers. He is also grateful for his job, which is special because he feels secure and it allows him to provide for his family.


    Su Soto [Warehouse Technician – Dayton, NJ]

    Su is grateful for her two daughters, Angely and Adriana. She is also grateful for her new Jeep Cherokee, which she uses to drive her kids around in style.


    Casey Brown [Logistics Manager – Reno, NV]

    Casey is grateful for her husband, Trevour, and her six children, Kinsley, Ainslee, Clayton, Jayson, Annabelle, and Liam. She is also very grateful to experience the beautiful view on the way to work consisting of sunny, 75 degree weather with vibrant fall colors.


    Nicklas Schmidt [Account Coordinator – Pompano Beach, FL]

    Nicklas is grateful for WDSrx giving him the opportunity to work in such a friendly and exciting environment. He is also very grateful for his wife and son, who always support him along the way.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.


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