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Pro-Activity: 3PL Business Strategies During Uncertain Times

Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf organized a daily meeting with Vice President Rob Gerstein and Human Resources Manager Melissa Gallagher to assess workplace issues and allocation of labor at seven warehouse locations in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas. When lockdowns were announced and work-from-home rules instituted, the team was prepared to address issues immediately to minimize disruption to operations thanks to efficient planning.


Stability is important for businesses and for people. When disasters strike, stability is shaken. Without proper advanced planning, sudden loss of stability creates challenges that are often difficult to overcome. With 3.53 million confirmed cases and 138,000 deaths in the United States as of July 15, the COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of the need for companies to prepare for low-probability disaster scenarios.

“Decision-making is usually based on past experience with similar circumstances,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf. “With unprecedented disruption from the pandemic, decisions to move the company forward must rely on other factors. We are making deliberate choices based on best available information to maintain growth during and after this volatile period.”


Planning for extended space at Pompano Beach, FL

With seven warehouse locations, upkeep of physical infrastructure is constantly conducted and improvements evaluated on a regular basis. Maintenance and improvements help assure best-in-class service for clients and also enhance productivity of our warehouse teams. Previously, infrastructure projects were often scheduled over time to minimize disruption to operations and workflow. 

The pandemic altered the normal course of work project scheduling. Significant expansion earlier this year of the WDSrx warehouse in Pompano Beach, Florida added 28,000 square feet of capacity. The work of building out the expanded area with racking and HVAC was accelerated because construction crews and materials became available due to other clients’ projects being delayed due to the pandemic. The Pompano Beach warehouse expansion is scheduled for completion in Fall 2020.


Efficient planning in the form of SOPs create safety procedures to protect clients and products.

The experienced WDSrx transportation management team organizes international shipments for clients on a daily basis. In late March, Italy tallied the most deaths from coronavirus of all measured countries at over 10,000 people. During the period, a WDSrx client based in Italy required us to manage the importation and receipt of a vital shipment of medical devices from Italy to our headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. With Italy locked down with no goods leaving or entering the country, our team took control of this shipment, secured the necessary documentation and approvals and successfully monitored the entire journey. Special sanitation procedures were implemented at our Boca Raton location prior to accepting the delivery into our facility and after the shipment was received to assure the safety of our warehouse team.


A generator has been installed planning for the event of poweroutages.

Few people predicted the significant effects on business when the coronavirus was detected in the United States. Disaster planning is a daily priority at WDSrx. As governments at every level were developing strategies to manage the crisis, the WDSrx leadership team ordered two whole-building generators to guarantee power supply to warehouses in case of need. Plans for power redundancy were already in place, however this decision was made to position the company for the best possible outcome for clients due to uncertainty surrounding disruption caused by the pandemic.

“Our ability to generate innovative solutions for clients and our expertise with natural disaster planning and recovery provides us with an advantage during the coronavirus pandemic,” according to WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein. “Although these circumstances are unprecedented, we are confident decisions we make now will ultimately benefit our clients and enhance our business when we move beyond this crisis.”

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WDSrx currently has 7 facilities located in Florida (Boca Raton and Pompano Beach), Texas (Sugar Land), New Jersey (Dayton) and Ohio (Lockbourne).

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