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    Premium Logistics Services For Personal Care Products

    WDSrx Warehouse Technician packages an e-commerce order for a cosmetics client.
    WDSrx personalizes e-commerce orders with special packaging and delivery options.


    Personal Care Products is a term used for a wide range of items typically found in health and beauty departments. Examples can include makeup, perfumes or antiperspirants.  

    The sale of Personal Care Products is at a steady increase with an estimated Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.5% between 2021-2025. In 2021 alone, revenue is expected to hit $35 million.

    There is an increasing demand for logistics services to accommodate growth in the personal care industry. Most Personal Care Products are unclassified, however some fall into the category of regulated drugs. Examples of Personal Care Products that are also categorized as regulated by the FDA can include skin protectants, diaper ointments and acne treatments.

    WDSrx utilizes extensive resources and experience with pharmaceutical drug products to manage storage, handling, fulfillment, return and destruction of Personal Care Products for small and large manufacturers and distributors. Logistics services for some Personal Care Products must comply with strict guidelines and standards. Manufacturers and marketers of Personal Care Products are confident that, as a pharmaceutical 3PL warehouse, WDSrx will manage their inventory with the same attention as a prescription medication. 


    WDSrx Warehouse Technicians kit product for a Personal Care client.

    WDSrx creates customized logistics solutions for Personal Care Products manufacturers.

    Manufacturers of Personal Care Products and cosmetics collaborating with pharmaceutical logistics services providers help keep promises with customers by providing higher standards for safety, security, speed and accuracy for every order. 

    Products meant to be used on or in the human body require special facilities and trained personnel that comply with the U.S. and international standards. 

    Some Personal Care Products contain temperature-sensitive ingredients and other expensive raw materials that need special storage and handling. Expiration dates pose a unique challenge for product receipt and shipment to assure inventory optimization and cost containment. 

    Short product life cycles and changing consumer desires require rapid order fulfillment with high order fulfillment performance. Consumers often demand end-to-end environmental responsibility from sourcing to kitting, packaging, transport and shipping products. 

    Orders containing multiple items personalized for each customer require flexibility. Service levels increase when call center and warehouse functions are integrated for greater efficiency with faster problem resolution. 

    WDSrx meets all of these demands for manufacturers and distributors of Personal Care Products. 


    WDSrx Warehouse Technician writes a handwritten note that will be put in the customer's package.

    SOP documents for a prominent Personal Care Products client instruct WDSrx Warehouse Technicians to write and include a handwritten note in each package.

    Brands that fulfill orders exclusively online require a 3PL provider prepared to scale from initial volume quantities to large volumes with short notice and at peak times each year.  With pandemic conditions drawing increasing numbers of consumers to online shopping, timely fulfillment of the correct order is essential to maintaining brand reputation.  WDSrx provides online brands with multiple facilities in prominent geographic locations to fulfill orders economically and quickly.  This is accomplished at WDSrx by duplicating pick, pack and ship services at all facility locations to provide clients with maximum flexibility and scalability.

    Efficient fulfillment of Personal Care Products requires technical expertise.  For example, the Information Technology team are full-time WDSrx employees with vast experience integrating multiple ecommerce platforms including Shopify, Amazon, Woocommerce and others for accurate and problem-free ordering.

    Many manufacturers rely on WDSrx kitting capabilities to save time and increase productivity.  Special incentives or promotional materials are often required to be inserted into orders. Relabeling or other exterior modifications are necessary based on client requirements. Bundling of several products into a single product offering are handled on small or large scale.  WDSrx excels at providing labor, machinery and materials to quickly manage assembly and kitting projects within the same building for expedited completion and shipping.


    WDSrx Warehouse Technician picks an order for a cosmetics client.

    WDSrx finds the best shipping solution to meet customer expectations.

    Shipping charges are a significant portion of total costs.  With rates changing regularly it is important to work with a fulfillment partner that understands the importance of searching for economical rates while maintaining service and delivery dependability.  Customer satisfaction depends on accurate and fast order fulfillment and often is the difference between business success and failure.  WDSrx searches multiple carriers and rates, compares service reliability in different geographic areas and knows which shipping labels and bar codes are required for Amazon and other e-commerce companies to increase customer satisfaction and on-time delivery. 


    Personal care products such as cosmetics, that may be expired or no longer viable require destruction to assure they do not enter the commercial marketplace.  WDSrx offers destruction services according to client specifications. Destruction projects may require specialized services including defacing or breaking packaging, removing products from their primary packaging, separating each product from primary and secondary packaging and disposing of packaging separately from products.


    Manufacturers of Personal Care Products must differentiate their brands in order to thrive in a competitive landscape.  To help guarantee customer satisfaction, WDSrx provides pharmaceutical grade industry-leading logistics services, ecommerce fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shipping, returns support and product destruction that increases efficiency and productivity.

    For more, watch this episode our video series 30 Seconds With Your 3PL, highlighting WDSrx’s Personal Care Products services:

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