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    Meet Marketing Coordinator Jacobi in the Premier of our Pourin’ Tea Video Series

    thumbnail of new video series by WDSrx

    Meet Marketing Coordinator Jacobi in the Premier of our Pourin’ Tea Video Series!

    Pourin’ Tea with WDSrx is a new regular series highlighting the people instrumental to company success and culture.

    Marketing Coordinator Jacobi Glatter works with multiple departments including Quality Assurance and Operations. He also maintains multiple event calendars, performs administrative functions, schedules production projects and creates graphic designs. Moving throughout the facility with his high quality production equipment, Jacobi captures activities in still images and video on a daily basis. 

    As an aspiring artist with a passion for creativity, Jacobi’s output is recognized and appreciated. Oftentimes, you will find Jacobi on his breaks pursuing his artistic interests in the form of drawings in his personal journal. The dedication it takes to multitask on his level is what catches everyone’s attention. Whenever you feel uninspired or hit a wall, look to Jacobi to provide the sense of ambition that is strongly contagious. 

    For example, Jacobi’s sleek designs and appealing visuals accompany our social media posts. He uses his graphic design expertise to give them a polished appearance. Jacobi’s attention to detail is expressed by managing multiple software platforms and spreadsheets that support operations and marketing initiatives.

    Jacobi is a premier example of a passionate professional who combines his outside interests with his job responsibilities. Everyone here at Woodfield Distribution fully embraces his imaginative mind. 

    Thank you Jacobi for all your hard work and wish you the absolute best with your career at WDSrx!

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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