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Pleasant Dream: 3PL Creates Custom Packaging Solution That Increases Orders Of Sleep-Aid Product

WDSrx Packaging and Labeling solutions include printing 2D barcodes with GS1-standard data to meet DSCSA serialization regulations. If required, WDSrx 3PL services receive, store and fulfill orders to dispensers at client request.


A national manufacturer of a popular sleep-aid caplet selected WDSrx to manage their sample distribution program. Healthcare professionals received a box containing product samples, promotional items and informational materials.  Soon after the program launch, WDSrx project managers determined that changes to the package design would save cost and increase visual appeal.  The new configuration achieved desired results due to the ability of the WDSrx team to create a customized healthcare supply chain solution based on their deep understanding of client requirements.


Building a successful business is difficult, especially when the product demand increases rapidly with many early and excellent consumer online reviews.  With a small team handling large order volume, a manufacturer of a non-prescription sleep aid had less time to focus on their sampling program.

Company leadership realized the importance of expanding market penetration to influential healthcare practitioners.   In order to establish a sampling program while still devoting most resources to filling existing orders, the physical appearance of the sample package was not given proper consideration.  The sample package consisted of a white shipping box with indiscriminately placed product samples, logo pens, notepads, adhesive note pads, informational printed sheets and an order form.  A sticker with the brand logo was placed on the box prior to shipping.

When the WDSrx team began assembling the kits, there was immediate concern because contents were moving around inside the box which was larger than necessary.  This resulted in unnecessary shipping charges.  When opened, recipients were confronted with a random array of items that did not accurately represent the high quality of the product.


The WDSrx account manager, who worked with the client on a daily basis, recognized their desire to both concentrate on sales while also producing a sample product that reflected their corporate identity. With input from the fulfillment and marketing teams at WDSrx, the account manager created a solution to the problem that was brought directly to the client for comment.

“The WDSrx team focuses on the efficient movement of medications from manufacturers to patients and consumers ensuring prompt treatment,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf.  “With our drive for continuous improvement, we often share recommendations with clients they may choose to implement in their logistics programs.”

A custom box was designed lighter than the original version that held all contents in place during transit.  Strategically placed perforations converted the box into a display unit.  The smaller form factor dispensed the sample boxes individually and kept remaining packages in place as product was distributed to patients.

Printed materials were reduced in size and consolidated. A more attractive and larger label increased brand awareness on the box and also served as a secure seal for the entire package.

The cost of the new solution was lower than the original configuration developed by the client.  The compact package size would result in 25% additional shipping cost savings.

Mock-ups of the new solution with cost estimates for several variations were presented to the client. After review, approval was provided to move forward with the revised program.


New components were ordered for the upgraded sample pack to coincide with the completion of existing merchandise stock to avoid unnecessary expense.  The fulfillment converted easily to the new program and in fact achieved labor savings created by more efficient box assembly.

Two important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) showed significant improvement during the first two months after the new sample program launch.  The rate of returns due to recipient refusals fell 50%.  Product orders increased an average of 83% during the same period.


In the case of this sleep-aid manufacturer and with every client, WDSrx strives to understand client goals and promotes a proactive culture to continuously improve results.  Each client is presented with customized solutions to achieve current needs and to help assure future success.

WDSrx provides diversified services with a boutique culture that encourages collaboration to improve efficiency and reduce cost.  Expertise in several areas produced the successful results for this client:

Warehousing and Fulfillment – A core service of WDSrx, our Warehousing and Fulfillment teams are highly trained to assure proper assembly, sealing, labeling and shipping of each outgoing order.  In cases where efficiencies can be improved, suggestions are encouraged and when appropriate, procedures are modified to increase value and quality.

Product Packaging and Labeling – WDSrx conceives and implements customized packaging and labeling programs for clients based on our expertise distributing medications, medical devices, pharmaceutical components and clinical trial materials.  With on-site packaging and labeling suites, WDSrx offers flexibility and convenience for clients

Marketing and Creative Services – The marketing function is integrated into every business unit at WDSrx. This unique approach serves clients by recommending options that improve results.  Our slogan, “Confidence Beyond Compliance,” is based on strong client relationships that build trust with an open exchange of ideas.

About WDSrx

WDSrx – Woodfield Distribution, LLC is a logistics services provider specializing in health and wellness products.  The company provides warehousing, fulfillment, transportation management and a range of supply chain solutions including packaging and labeling, financial services and chargeback management, inbound-outbound call center campaigns and reverse logistics.  Compliant with DSCSA requirements, WDSrx is state licensed nationally and authorized by the DEA, FDA, DOT, EPA, VAWD and other regulatory authorities.

For further information contact Larry Hotz, (561) 998-3885 x304 or

The original packaging presented recipients with a plain white box and disorganized contents that did not represent the quality standards of the client.

The updated packaging includes a new branded box with dimensions that neatly house all components and that doubles as a shelf display unit and product dispenser.


Link to high resolution images here.

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