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    Pharmaceutical 3PL Companies Set Specialty Pharma Market In Motion

    3pl pharmaceutical distribution
    3PL pharmaceutical company services include preparing and shipping orders directly to patients

    Pharmaceutical Commerce – July August 2016

    This article by Nicholas Basta in the July-August issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce details specialized 3PL managed services developed to distribute specialty pharmaceutical drug products through non-traditional channels.


    “Other distributors pick up specialty business where they can, when the combination of the client needs and their own capabilities align.  At Woodfield Distribution (WDSrx), the company began working with a women’s healthcare product manufacturer in 2012. By leveraging its financial management services, its on-site call center for physician outreach and its core pharmaceutical warehousing an distribution capabilities, WDSrx managed the entire sales and service process for their client from initial online ordering through fulfillment to individual addresses, invoicing and customer service including returns.

    According to WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf, “The omni-channel business model originated as a hybrid of several of our core and value-added services.  Our experience with pharmaceutical drug products places WDSrx at the center of potentially significant changes that may open a new distribution channel from manufacturer to final destination.”

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