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News From Tracelink Nexus17 Conference

Leading companies within the pharmaceutical supply chain met June 7-8 in Barcelona, Spain at the Nexus17 conference hosted by TraceLink.

The event brought together manufacturers, management consultants, contract packagers, industry associations, transportation services, logistics experts and other TraceLink partners from around the world to learn from each other and from prominent thought leaders about news, challenges and opportunities concerning serialization within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Topics of discussion included the digital future, global insights on pharmaceutical distribution, Track and Trace, CMO onboarding and developing a safe and effective supply chain.  Several presenters shared their experiences with case studies detailing their experiences with choices and decisions they are making during their own serialization journeys.

Tracelink Board Member Jack Cooper and CEO Shabbir Dahod with Larry Hotz of WDSrx

WDSrx collaborated with Supply Chain Wizard, a pharmaceutical industry consulting practice that specializes in operational performance maximization, for a presentation titled “Serialization for 3PLs – A Glimpse Into The Post-Implementation Future For Serialization.”  Larry Hotz of WDSrx outlined WDSrx Serialization-as-a-Service programs for DSCSA-challenged manufacturers.  Supply Chain Wizard President Evren Ozkaya devoted a part of the program  to increasing productivity within warehousing and distribution operations after the additional demands of serialization are incorporated into job descriptions.

Presenting “Serialization for 3PLs – A Glimpse Into The Post-Implementation Future for Serialization” with Evren Ozkaya of Supply Chain Wizard.

There were two recurring themes addressed throughout the conference.  The first theme detailed  the desire to dispense relevant information to and gather information directly from patients to establish a complete end-to-end track and trace solution  The second theme touched on development of industry-lead program initiatives to proactively respond to future government regulations.

  • In his opening address on Day 1, Tracelink CEO Shabbir Dahod announced the launch of Tracelink Information Data Services, an extension of the Tracelink platform for manufacturers to enable individual pharmacies and other final dispensers to contribute serialization information and to access data.
  • Sundeep Kankanala, VP of Research and Development for Beckton Dickinson Medical-Pharmaceutical Systems, revealed a collaboration with Tracelink to provide two-way information transfer directly with patients built into drug delivery mechanisms including auto-injectors.
  • The Medical Futurist, Dr. Bertalan Mesko, used his keynote to detail developments in personalized medicine and patient-centric initiatives and to express the need for humanity to harness technology instead of being dominated by it.

During networking sessions and at an evening event held at the historic Barcelona landmark Palau Requesens, conversations centered around the differences between EU and U.S. serialization regulations and pharmaceutical distribution, the varying degrees of management support for serialization implementation and the requirement to secure patient information with the increasing prominence of health-related  ‘smart’ apps and connected devices.

Evening event at the 12th century Palau Requesens which forms the outer wall of ancient fortifications of Barcelona.

WDSrx moderated a roundtable discussion on the afternoon of Day 2 titled “Pharma-3PL Integration and Serialized Inventory Management” with several manufacturers, third party logistics pharmaceutical providers and virtual manufacturers operating in the EU and internationally.

The group shared experiences and raised issues concerning serialization and interactions with contract manufacturers, information flow, pricing, operational effects of implementation and value beyond compliance.

Nexus17 reinforces the disruption to established business practices that serialization regulations create in pharmaceutical businesses around the world. Although challenges exist, the leading companies represented at this conference have adopted strategies to meet compliance deadlines and ensure increased integrity and patient safety within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

For further information contact Larry Hotz at or (561) 998-3885 x304

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