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Miami International Airport Develops Strategy For E-Commerce Growth

Emir Pineda of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department speaks to the E-Commerce Task Force during a meeting April 24, 2019 at Miami International Airport.

Miami International Airport (MIA) is quickly reaching their strategic goal to become the e-commerce “Hub of the Americas.”

Online retail logistics accounts for 16% of all industrial real estate activity in Miami.  At a meeting yesterday of the E-Commerce Task Force at Miami International Airport, Emir Pineda, Manager, Aviation Trade and Logistics at the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, summarized important e-commerce business trends: personalization, chatbots, Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions and Brick & Click shopping.

E-Commerce Task Force members are companies involved with e-commerce fulfillment business activity at MIA and in the surrounding region.  WDSrx serves on the task force and participates in the task force marketing sub-committee.

Further discussion during the meeting focused on three categories:

  1. E-Commerce Logistics – Olivier Secache, IATA Regional Cargo Manager and Carmen Gloria Alvarez, Head of Operations at CNS, outlined the OneRecord system being developed by IATA to create the international record-keeping standard for shipment of packages.  This process is designed to streamline movement of goods and gain greater control of data to increase consumer safety.
  2. Collaboration and Engagement – The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) spokesperson discussed a new initiative developed by CBP professionals at MIA to increase the ability to determine packages that require additional screening without disrupting the normal flow of commerce through the airport
  3. Marketing and Advocacy – Gary Goldfarb, Chief Strategy Office of Interport Group of Companies, spoke about the benefit of Foreign Trade Zones to act as customs clearance stations in Miami for other countries.  The ability to pre-clear e-commerce packages in Miami adds a level of security to examine items before they are loaded onto a plane and increases delivery speed to consumers.

As e-commerce transactions continue to become a larger slice of total retail activity, Miami International Airport and the surrounding region are prepared to build capacity for the e-commerce industry, streamline record-keeping for packages and maintain safety for the public.

For further information contact Larry Hotz, or 561-998-3885 x304.


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