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Order Fulfillment: Brands Relying on Logistics Services Providers Are Prepared To Scale For Success

Manufacturers with limited resources and also some larger brands often take order fulfillment upon themselves and attempt to handle and ship products to retailers and wholesalers.  In all but a few cases, they quickly realize the process is more costly and difficult than they imagined.

With efficiency in mind, a leading manufacturer of high-performance aerosol drug delivery systems for healthcare environments, partnered with experienced pharmaceutical Logistics Service Provider (LSP) WDSrx for warehousing and order fulfillment, allowing the prominent company to focus more time on growing their business by relying on WDSrx for logistics requirements.

North American Commercial Operations Manager Steve C. met with the WDSrx team to appreciate how each client is treated with equally high importance. “Our company operates in a competitive product market and in a demanding industry,” states Steve.  “With their experience in order fulfillment, WDSrx meets our high expectations and allows me to focus on other areas of the business.”

The first step of the relationship after reaching an agreement occurred when the client was matched with an Account Coordinator at WDSrx to monitor and fulfill orders and serve as the primary point of contact. The client relationship with the Account Coordinator is an important factor determining overall program success.

Next, the Information Technology Team explained how the accurate and timely flow of information supports the entire logistics process.  Data is transmitted between trading partners before, during and after orders are received. Unique bar codes are included on shipping labels that are scanned throughout the delivery route for tracking and security.  Data embedded in bar codes includes the type and quantity of a product in the package as well as origin and destination details.  This process helps assure order accuracy and on-time delivery.

WDSrx discusses with the client how inventory and order processing are accessible in real time with the online client portal.

When an order is placed, the WDSrx warehouse management system immediately checks the current inventory. After the system verifies product is available, the Account Coordinator approves the order for picking by a warehouse technician. The Warehouse Management System automatically generates shipping labels. Regular cycle counts are conducted that confirm product inventory in the warehouse matches inventory data stored in the warehouse management system.

Inventory availability is confirmed prior to sending the order to the warehouse for picking.

All products delivered to the WDSrx warehouse are first inspected prior to being received into inventory. A license plate, or LP, is a unique location position assigned to each item that tracks product movement in the facility. The warehouse technician follows guidance from their handheld device to locate the order in the facility based on where it was placed when originally received.

When located, the handheld device verifies the product being picked matches the order request and the computerized system automatically reduces the quantity of items picked from the remaining inventory total. Each step is recorded on the handheld device to ensure the picking process is being followed and completed.

The client monitors a task as an order is picked from a specific location in the warehouse.

Next, the order is transferred to the packing station for further inspection to detect any damage and to re-confirm the items match the order form. Only then is the order packaged, labeled and shipped.

Each order is carefully packed and labeled before leaving the warehouse.

Newly commercialized companies and prominent manufacturers often under-estimate the requirements of efficient product handling, shipping and delivery.  Companies with foresight that partner with an LSP specializing in packaging and labeling compliance, inventory count, retailer shipping preferences and white glove delivery procedures are better positioned than competitors to transform their businesses into industry-leading players within their sales network.

“Pharmaceutical and medical device companies that collaborate with a logistics services provider are fully prepared to scale their operations as business increases,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf.  “Whether small or large volume, companies that prepare for success are usually the ones that achieve it.”

WDSrx places their accumulated supply chain logistics knowledge behind each order, enabling manufacturers of all sizes to apply their expertise to their core competencies.

After quality checks, the order is ready for shipment. Another satisfied client!

For further information contact Larry Hotz, or 561-998-3885 x304.

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