THREE KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM 2017 FOR 2018 SUCCESS - WDSrx - Woodfield Distribution - Pharmaceutical Logistics

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It’s appropriate to reflect at this time about how developments during the past year can serve to influence success over the coming twelve months.

Here’s a short list of logistics learnings in 2017 from WDSrx we plan to build on in 2018.

Happy New Year!

1. Promote Growth

Forward-thinking decision-making reflects confidence in the future of the pharmaceutical logistics industry.  At WDSrx, bold decisions are a continuous process.

Our decision made in 2014 to be a leader in serialization implementation and services came to fruition this year when our warehouse systems, packaging and labeling lines and Information Technology infrastructure completed the transition to DSCSA compliance.  Clients are outsourcing their serialization projects to WDSrx because pre-planning allowed us to offer a range of services geared specifically to their needs.

The physical footprint at WDSrx increased 50% in 2017 with new facilities secured at Pompano Beach, FL and in Dayton, NJ.  Total square footage expanded to 320,000 square feet of pharmaceutical-grade warehouse space throughout Florida, Texas and now, New Jersey.

Our strategic plan to be located in healthcare industry hubs around the country is being realized with the right properties in the correct locations performing customized logistics services close to our clients’ businesses.

“Investing in the present assures our future relevance by enhancing capabilities that increase efficiency in 2018 and beyond,” according to WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf.

2. Get Involved

Healthcare Champions Honored At Industry Dinner November 8: (L to R) Anil Andrade, ACG Worldwide; Senator Richard Burr (R-NC); Brian Daleiden, VP TraceLink; Congressman Gene Green (D-TX 29th) and Aimee Genzler, TraceLink

At WDSrx, our clients’ customers are top-of-mind with our entire team.  Everyone in the organization plays a part in the healing process for patients in every community around the country.

In 2017 we actively championed healthcare industry-related causes on a local and national level.

We were invited to sit on the Supply Chain Management Business Partnership Council at Palm Beach State College. This council supports the establishment of a Supply Chain Management course of study to create a pipeline of qualified applicants to fill logistics positions.

This past year also saw our initial involvement with the Distribution/Logistics Industry Task Force convened by the Business Development Board of Palm Beach County.  This body regularly discusses transportation and fulfillment issues of regional importance to promote solutions and provide guidance to government and municipal parties.

Finally, we took our message to Capitol Hill this year to award prominent national policy-makers as Healthcare Champions on behalf of leading companies working within the pharmaceutical supply chain.

3. Respect Values

The irony about trust is that it is the most difficult trait to earn and the easiest to lose.

At WDSrx, doing things the right way, both in terms of procedure and behavior, is instilled by our leadership team and informs every decision every day.

That means cutting no corners.  It means conducting business with integrity.  Providing value for service.  And promoting transparency in communications and operations.  We try to win every time, and we do it honestly and forthrightly.

That is the foundation of our slogan, to assure “Confidence Beyond Compliance.” Rather than a resolution for next year, that sentiment is timeless in our organization.

Whatever your wishes, may they be granted in peace and with optimism for the future.


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