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Leading By Example, WDSrx Expands Influence in Pharmaceutical Logistics

Most people recognize leadership but define it in different ways.

That may be because leaders have many qualities and they apply specific skills to solve different challenges.  A recent survey from The Conference Board, a global research association, developed a list of important leadership qualities including the ability to act decisively, anticipate and react to changing circumstances, respond to competition and utilize data for improvement.  Although leadership involves many special characteristics, these four qualities were demonstrated at WDSrx during the past year.


When a current client approached us early in 2019 about their need for refrigerated capacity for an upcoming new product launch, we wanted to help.  However, the projected inventory levels exceeded the available pallet positions in our existing refrigeration units. While another service provider may have rejected the opportunity, WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf developed a plan with the client to design and build a new refrigeration unit at our Pompano Beach, Florida location.  “Our business succeeds when demand increases for our clients’ products,” states Adam. “This project is an example of the quick decision-making that separates WDSrx in the logistics industry. We say ‘yes’ to clients, find solutions and implement them quickly without the red tape and delays of the competition.”


The proportion of tropical storms that rapidly strengthen into powerful hurricanes has tripled over the past 30 years, according to a recent study in Nature Communications.  In August, 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with 115 mph winds and affected our Sugar Land, Texas facility and team.  A few weeks later, Hurricane Irma blasted into Florida as a Category IV storm with 130 mph winds. In October 2018 Hurricane Michael hit Florida as a Category V storm with 160 mph winds, representing the second most intense storm to make landfall in Florida.

Although the intensity and path of storms are unpredictable, WDSrx has disaster planning and recovery strategies in place that are implemented according to forecast weather conditions.  For example, this September while Hurricane Dorian was threatening the Atlantic Coast of Florida, a generator unit was delivered to the WDSrx Boca Raton headquarters powerful enough to maintain the electrical needs of the entire facility.  According to WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein who supervised the project, “WDSrx disaster plans provide instructions to assure medications continue to move within the supply chain under adverse conditions.”


In a continuous drive for greater efficiency, WDSrx regularly compares current operations against industry best practices.  Earlier this year it became apparent that labor costs for certain warehouse functions were above the industry average. An analysis revealed that processes that were completed manually could be handled faster by the Datex Warehouse Management System.  A team from Datex visited our Boca Raton headquarters for two days this summer to observe interactions between Datex and our IT team. Together a plan was developed and approved to initiate changes over the coming months to improve speed and accuracy of our receiving, warehousing and fulfillment procedures.  “New capabilities from our existing technology are being implemented to increase our efficiency to remain competitive,” according to WDSrx Director of Information Technology Carl Ambroise.


There is an old saying in the advertising business about a company president who was sure that half of the advertising his company purchased was not working – but was unsure about which half was underperforming.  The same conclusion applies to any process that lacks standardized performance metrics. To maintain excellent levels of service for clients during a period of company growth experienced throughout 2019, the WDSrx leadership team authorized a review of client service and warehousing operations. Completed this past summer, the review recommended adopting new tools to create productivity standards and to monitor performance.  Beginning early 2020 our client services team will be using a system to track client requests and inquiries to increase customer satisfaction. In the warehouse, new Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are being introduced that will provide reports showing activity levels for receipt, fulfillment and inventory functions. “By gaining greater visibility into our core services, we will be able to reward team members who are performing well and retrain those who require additional support,” states WDSrx Payroll and Benefits Specialist Melissa Gallagher.

Leadership at WDSrx comes from many sources.  At times, leaders are individuals within the company who make decisions to support our future growth.  Leaders can be teams within the company who determine change is required to compete effectively. In fact, leadership is an attitude that involves everyone in the company and at each location to take pride in our work and strive to improve our productivity for ourselves and on behalf of our clients and their patients.

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