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Keeping Up With WDSrx: May 2020 News Highlights

New policies, equipment and infrastructure upgrades, additional capabilities, programs, event participation and other logistics news items are highlighted each month to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to client satisfaction covered in our news highlights.

Summer Internship

Marketing Intern and UCF Senior Justin Runsdorf is creating a research paper with business trends and communication topics for our news highlights.

UCF Senior Justin Runsdorf is our Summer Marketing Intern’ researching a paper about Business Trends in Pharmaceutical Logistics.

The Marketing Internship at WDSrx brings outstanding students from leading universities into our company headquarters to gain logistics experience in a real-world environment. We are fortunate to be able to maintain our summer internship program despite school closings and students leaving town for extended periods. Current intern Justin Runsdorf is a Senior at the University of Central Florida majoring in Communications Studies.  In addition to working as a part of the WDSrx Marketing Team, Justin is researching and writing a research paper about a Business and Communication Trends in Pharmaceutical Logistics. The internship program is structured to provide relevant knowledge and to motivate these deserving students to pursue a career in the logistics industry.

To learn the secret about how WDSrx employees create successful business strategies, click here.


Tons of corrugated cardboard is funneled to pick-up areas at all WDSrx locations and recycled into paperboard product and packaging materials.

Efficiency is a valuable commodity at WDSrx as we strive to streamline the supply chain between treatments and patients. Our drive for greater efficiency is fueled by identifying areas where we can reduce waste. In the language of continuous improvement, waste is referred to as the Japanese word “muda.” Sustainability initiatives take waste out of the business process and support our efficiency goals. Currently WDSrx is working to eliminate single-use plastics with the installation of water stations in our facilities and providing employees with reusable bottles. We’re keeping everyone hydrated with fewer consequences for our fragile environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance is a new series that covers the legal department of documents for our news highlights this month.

The new WDSrx video series “Regulatory Compliance” is now available to watch on our YouTube channel.

The active maintenance of licenses, certifications, registrations and authorizations is a crucial element differentiating regulatory compliance at reputable pharmaceutical logistics services providers.

With patient health in the balance, multiple levels of government and other industry authorities require strict adherence to regulations, standards and practices. To inform interested parties about maintaining compliance standards, we produced a video series available on our YouTube channel revealing details about government licenses and registrations, certifications from industry authorities, controlled substance ordering and monitoring and adherence to ISO, PDMA and HIPAA guidelines.

To learn more about the documentation processes and legal licenses, click here otherwise watch the video series here.

Digital Presence

Website redesign meeting to increase functionality of the WDSrx website for efficient navigation of services in our news highlights.

The WDSrx marketing team attends periodic meetings in order to evaluate the efficiency of technological implementations within our marketing systems.

Growing at approximately 20% each year, the WDSrx website has evolved since it was launched in 2016. Things are about to change again. The WDSrx marketing team is collaborating with our Boca Raton-based digital agency MDG to create a new online presence for our brand. The process began a few months ago. Planning involves developing new content, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the current site, establishing a graphic template, setting priorities for the user interface and assuring that the finished product achieves our goals including increased leads and conversions. The finished product will debut in the fourth quarter of this year.

Virtual Audit

A virtual audit through videoconferencing allows WDSrx to comply with social distancing regulations while providing a client with real-time visual updates.

Under normal circumstances, WDSrx locations welcome a steady stream of pre-approved visitors for meetings and facility audits. The lockdowns around the country ended our practice of on-site meetings. Although clients and regulatory authorities are postponing audits until a later date, the WDSrx Quality Assurance team also conducted a virtual audit for a client. With videoconferencing, Quality issues were discussed in a conference room. As part of the agenda, the client was guided through the facility to view and comment on various areas of the warehouse. Although virtual tours do not replace in-person audits, they answer specific questions and advance the overall audit process to a successful conclusion.

May News Highlight Video

News Highlights thumbnail for May 2020


Click here to view video

For further information about May 2020 logistics news contact Larry Hotz at or call 561-998-3885 x304.

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