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Inventory and Warehousing Technology Explained

Warehouse operations utilize complex terminology to describe services and explain activities.
  1. Brand owners and generic owners feeling time slip away may not be aware of the serialization requirements for each product in their portfolio.

    Special requirements exist for the lawful receipt, storage and transport of pharmaceutical drug products.

    Pharmaceutical drug products must be received, stored, handled and distributed using certain protocols and practices. Such procedures not only ensure the quality, efficacy and integrity of the drugs themselves(e.g., temperature controls) but they also must comply with the rules issued by various regulatory authorities (FDA, DEA, EPA, DOT and VAWD) and all applicable Federal and state laws, including The Drug Supply Chain Security Act.

    WDSrx uses industry-leading technology to enable its clients to efficiently achieve these goals. The flexibility of its IT infrastructure gives WDSrx the ability to integrate seamlessly with its clients’ systems and to offer clients several different technology programs that can increase efficiency even more.

    For professionals who don’t specialize in IT, the jargon around 3PL technology can sometimes be intimidating, mystifying or confusing(or all three at the same time). Here’s a plain English breakdown of WDSrx’s five current technology programs for inventory and warehouse management:

  2. Complete Order-To-Cash Services (OTC)

    The time that elapses between a customer placing an order and the seller’s receipt of payment for those goods is a crucial metric for any business. It drives revenue growth, the amount of working capital and ultimately, the business’ relationships with its customers.

    To streamline this central process for its clients, WDSrx offers an end-to-end technology solution for converting orders to cash:

    Credit & Order Management
    Order Fulfillment, Shipping & Transportation
    Customer Invoicing & Payments
    Accounts Receivable Management
    Collections & Disputes Management
    Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) Analytics & Reporting
    Customer Care

    Like all of WDSrx’s inventory technology programs, clients have real time access to their orders using a secure virtual dashboard.

  3. ERP and EDI Integration

    Nearly all of WDSrx’s clients use some type of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (either premise-based software or a cloud-based service) like SAP or Oracle as part of their daily operations. Integrating these existing client systems that contain various customer, product and financial information with WDSrx’s IT infrastructure that handles inventory,warehousing and customer orders is an important key to streamlining operations and reducing costs. ERP Integration is the process by which the customer’s ERP system is customized to easily share data with WDSrx’s technology platform.

    EDI Integration is a more generic term for the process by which a client’s systems and WDSrx’s systems are permitted to exchange data.EDI refers to “electronic data interchange” which is a general term for the globally recognized formats and protocols for sharing data between enterprises.

  4. CSOS Ordering

    A controlled substances ordering system (CSOS) is one that meets US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) security standards for the electronic ordering of controlled substances. By using a CSOS, manufacturers, distributors and dispensers are relieved of the burden of filing paper forms with DEA. The CSOS provided and managed by WDSrx enables its clients to place and receive orders for controlled substances in compliance with Federal and state laws and regulations. Electronic ordering reduces paperwork, errors and expense.

  5. ARCOS Reporting

    ARCOS refers to the DEA’s Automation of Reports andConsolidated Orders System that requires pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors to report their controlled substance transactions. First mandated in 1970 as part of the Controlled Substances Act, ARCOS now uses EDI to streamline the exchange of information between the pharmaceutical industry and DEA and eliminate the use of paper forms. WDSrx generates multiple reports on a regular basis with governmental and other authorized partners to comply with legal requirements.

  6. Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) Generation

    Keeping the customer informed of the real time status and location of an order is a constant challenge of supply chain logistics. As part of WDSrx’s 3PL services it provides advance shipping notices (ASN) are a current requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). ASN generation can also be linked to WDSrx’s customer invoicing services so that ASNs and invoices are produced and transmitted simultaneously.

    For more information about WDSrx’s inventory and warehousing services (or its other 3PL services to the pharmaceutical industry), contact WDSrx at (561) 998-3885 or

Are any Controlled Substances (CII) included in your return? If so, please press "Yes" and complete the DEA 222 Request Form. You can also contact Jason Solomon at or (561) 998-3885 x316.