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Inventory Management

Inventory management covers the ins to outs of product and data management.

The movement of product from upstream point of origin to downstream trading partner is central to efficient operations at WDSrx and other reputable pharmaceutical logistics services providers. The route medications travel from manufacturer to patient is complex, with multiple checks and balances to assure patient safety and therapeutic effectiveness.


Product labels are reviewed by the Quality Team in order to comply with Standard Operating Procedures.

Inventory management procedures meet rigorous Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance requirements established by government and other authorities. Every task in the overall process is detailed in Standard Operating Procedures for training purposes, part of a comprehensive Quality System administered by the on-site Quality Assurance team.

Policies for handling and distribution of pharmaceutical drug products adhere to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 210 and 211 and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s Drug Distributor Accreditation (formerly VAWD) program. WDSrx facilities also comply with GMP and ISO guidelines. Computer systems and software are validated in compliance with U.S. 21 CFR Part 11.


Efficient product handling begins with proper inbound order receipt management. During the onboarding process, systems integrations are completed to manage order processing between the client manufacturer, WDSrx and trading partners. An order originates with electronic transmission of an Advance Shipping Notification or ASN containing order details and specifications to the third party logistics provider. Generally, all inbound orders are received within twenty-four hours. Inbound orders are compared against information on the Advance Shipment Notice prior to being received. 


Handheld scan devices allow ease of data and communication for inventory management

Handheld devices scan and enter license plate data into our Warehouse Management System.

The next phase of the process after order receipt is location assignment.  All inbound inventory is scanned into the Datex Footprint Warehouse Management System WMS and assigned a unique “License Plate” number assigning a specific location within the warehouse. All inbound products will remain in quarantine status until inspected and approved by the client for placement into active inventory.  


LP and bar code scans provide data required to maintain efficient inventory management

When an outbound order is created, specific picking and packing procedures are undertaken. Orders received electronically are entered into the WMS system. A pick request is sent directly to handheld devices operated by warehouse technicians. Once picked, a Bill of Lading (BOL) is generated with a Packing List.  

Small parcel orders move to packing stations for assembly. Multiple quality checks confirm selected products match the order request. Picking and packing teams are separated to assure order accuracy. Information on the Packing List, order slip and WMS data are confirmed prior to sealing the package for transport. Large less than truckload (LTL) orders requiring material handling equipment are routed to a separate area for verification and fulfillment.


WDSrx provides secure access to a proprietary online portal to view real-time inventory levels, order processing status, shipping and invoicing details. Data is customized to match client requirements including automatic report notifications sent at regular intervals.


The flow of data for serialized products involves additional steps required by the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, or DSCSA. This Federal legislation requires all data transmissions for serialized products to be centralized with the brand owner to confirm product traceability. Inbound orders are preceded by transmission to the WDSrx Level 4 Repository of T3 transaction history information including serial numbers associated with each order and product. When an outbound order is generated, serialization data is sent to the Level 4 Repository of the brand owner which then forwards the outbound order details to the downstream trading partner.


Accurate order and label reviews are a step in inventory management for efficient workflow.

Accurate accounting of inventory levels is an important factor for efficient inventory management. Cycle counts involve totaling a partial amount of physical inventory on a regular basis according to Standard Operating Procedures. If the on-hand inventory matches the current inventory reported within the warehouse management system, the cycle count is completed. At WDSrx the ratio of physical inventory to virtual records is 1:1.  To ensure maximum effectiveness, cycle counting is conducted methodically and in a consistent pattern.


At every stage, data is collected for Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and results analyzed for multiple inbound, outbound and quality control metrics. This process measures efficiency and promotes an environment of continuous oversight and improvement.  

With well-trained employees, leading edge technology systems, advanced equipment and best practices, the WDSrx Inventory Management process combines efficiency, speed and safety that produces Confidence Beyond Compliance.

For further information about Inventory Management contact Larry Hotz at or call 561-998-3885 x304.

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