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Industry Outreach: WDSrx Engages Manufacturers About Pharmaceutical Logistics

The WDSrx Marketing Department demonstrates leadership by researching and attending new conferences and trade events each year.  In 2019 WDSrx attended or exhibited at over 40 events and programs. Selecting a few new events to attend each year enables our team to promote WDSrx capabilities to additional audiences and to evaluate the effectiveness of the shows on our schedule.

One new event on our schedule was the LogiPharma conference last September in Philadelphia. This show attracts procurement and supply chain executives from large manufacturers and we spoke with many of them about the wide range of logistics services offered by WDSrx and our experience supporting clients from virtual manufacturers to the largest international brand name manufacturers.

The Bio-Supply Management Alliance conference took place last October near San Francisco, CA. This event brought together biopharmaceutical manufacturers to discuss the most recent procedures for delivering personalized therapies to individual patients and the logistics companies that support these new treatments that require special handling requirements including cold chain and vein-to-vein delivery accuracy.

Our colleague Scott Cohon attended the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) conference in Carlsbad, CA.  WDSrx is a new member of the CRN, an organization of dietary supplement and nutritional food companies involved in creating and maintaining high standards for manufacturing and marketing their products.  This event is important for WDSrx to promote our growing business providing logistics services including packaging and labeling and e-commerce fulfillment to health and wellness companies.

Finally, scwish:pharma, the annual event organized last November in Boca Raton by WDSrx and a select group of companies welcomed regulatory, marketing and operations professionals within the pharmaceutical supply chain industry. The event started in 2018 and expanded in 2019 with nationally recognized speakers discussing solutions to supply chain challenges.  This program reinforces WDSrx as an influential industry leader in logistics services. 

Our schedule for 2020 is equally stacked with opportunities for WDSrx to engage with the industry, share news of our successes and start conversations that lead to ongoing business relationships.

For further information contact Larry Hotz, or 561-275-5464 x304

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