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    Friendships Formed At WDSrx Lead To African Safari Vacation

    Before: Preparing items for donation with Adam

    When WDSrx Reverse Logistics Technician Carolina Hernandez ‘liked’ some Facebook images last year taken at a wild game reserve in Africa, her intentions did not include taking the trip of a lifetime on safari in Kenya with her family and two office colleagues.

    But that’s what happened.

    Those ‘likes’ led to Carolina adding comments to the same Facebook page about the beauty of the wildlife and environment shown in the photographs. Soon a conversation began with the photographer named Gabriela Ituarte, originally from Mexico now living in Kenya.

    A few months after the dialogue began, Gabriela sent a message to Carolina with a question: “Since you like my photos, why not plan a visit?” Although Carolina did not expect the question, she knew how she felt about the opportunity. “I’ve always wanted to go on safari in Africa, so I immediately answered ‘yes!’,” said the international traveler who previously explored Thailand and other exotic destinations.

    With that, the planning began and Ms. Ituarte, a local tour guide, prepared a proposal that included a 15-day Kenyan odyssey visiting three national parks, taking one walking safari and another in trucks, entering a volcano, camping in a nature reserve, relaxing on a secluded beach and a cultural interchange with nomadic Maasai people indigenous to the region.

    Julio Meza works in the WDSrx Information Technology department from an office near Carolina’s workstation and they often exchange friendly greetings. During a conversation, Carolina mentioned the safari she was planning. According to Julio, “When Carolina described all the adventures she was organizing, her excitement was contagious and I asked if I could come along with her husband Pablo and their teenage daughter Gabriela.”

    The tour group increased again when Diana Valencia who works with Carolina in reverse logistics at the pharmaceutical warehouse asked about the trip. After careful review of her budget, Diana committed to join the others on their first trip to Africa.

    Another special element of the journey involves the team spending quality time at a pre-school in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. The 40 students at the Gatina Nursery Project are children of parents working in nearby tea plantations. Based on a request from the school administrator, the WDSrx group is bringing the children sports equipment including jump ropes and soccer balls donated by WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf.

    “A vacation with my husband and younger daughter grew into the trip of a lifetime including members of my WDSrx family,” declared Carolina. “Our great work relationship is expanding into our free time and we feel lucky to be sharing this adventure together.”

    After: These smiling faces say everything!

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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