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Fortune Shines on the Prepared as Life Sciences Supply Chain Heads Toward DSCSA Implementation Deadlines

The Distribution Management Conference organized by the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) this month in San Antonio, TX focused the event on the current issues and challenges the DSCSA and of Serialization.

Admiral James Stavridis, U.S. Navy (Ret.), and a former NATO Supreme Commander painted a picture of despair and hope in his presentation  “Beyond the Horizon: 21st Century Global Security and Risk.”  Biological, Cyber and conventional terrorist threats raise many questions about how to effectively navigate our current global situation for a peaceful and productive future.

The Admiral’s presentation reflected the general feeling of apprehension and uncertainty surrounding the looming deadlines for implementation of the DSCSA regulations.  The new rules affect organizations throughout the healthcare supply chain requiring coordination not only within companies but also between different links within the chain to create an effective solution.

Stakes are high because large capital investments are required in order to plan, implement and manage upgrades to technology, systems and equipment as well as ongoing training required to conform to the DSCSA regulations.  The combination of significant financial investment for a transition in which different parties define requirements in different ways is cause for concern.

The workflow of life sciences 3PL firms including WDSrx demands the efficient receipt, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical drug products from their point of manufacture to their final destination. “Our focus is on serving our clients by satisfying their patients,” says WDSrx Marketing Director Larry Hotz.  “WDSrx is compliant with DSCSA regulations and will implement future rules prior to their implementation deadline.”

The ultimate goal of the DSCSA is to produce a safer marketplace with the ability to track and trace prescription drug products at every stage of production through delivery.  This is an important objective our industry plans to achieve together as it navigates the current regulatory landscape.

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