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    Florida Pharmaceutical Logistics Firm Celebrates Ten Years Delivering Treatments to Patients

    WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf (center) with WDSrx VP Rob Gerstein (left) and Michael Feuerman of Berger Commercial Realty are key to WDSrx business success since 2010.

    With a plastic card table purchased at Costco and some chairs borrowed from home, Adam Runsdorf established Woodfield Distribution, LLC in March 2010 as a pharmaceutical logistics firm at Boca Raton, Florida in a portion of our current headquarters warehouse.

    The small company that started with a single client grew up quickly to become a respected leader in the pharmaceutical logistics industry.  Today, operations include seven facilities in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas with 430,000 square feet of capacity and over 200 employees.

    In the early days, Adam with assistance from WDSrx Vice President Rob Gerstein, performed every business function required leading to authorization from State and Federal regulatory authorities to conduct business as a Third Party Logistics Provider.  Eduardo Fuentes was hired around the same time to assist in the warehouse.

    “Statistics reveal that a majority of small businesses fail by their fifth year,” according to Adam.  “We beat the odds by developing a solid business plan for projected growth that we successfully implemented.”  

    WDSrx success is due in part to measured expansion based on taking acceptable risks.  For example, core warehouse and fulfillment capabilities were expanded to include packaging and labeling operations due to client requests for business support.  Today, certain business decisions are being made in anticipation of future business resulting from industry trends and best practices. Examples of this strategy include acquisition of additional capacity in new locations and development of cold chain capabilities (see “Facilities Focus” in WDSrx’s current issue of Advance).

    “We stay focused on client requirements and industry need to remain competitive,” states Rob Gerstein.  “As an independent Third Party Logistics company, our competitive advantage is our ability to make quick decisions that increase client satisfaction and save them time and money.”

    Plans are underway to recognize this company milestone later this year.

    Congratulations to WDSrx!

    WDSrx is celebrating its ten year as an experienced logistics firm

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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