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Eighteen Days From First Contact To Active Inventory

Trust And Experience Create Smooth Transition to WDSrx For Maker of Premium Cold Sore Remedy

“No news is good news” does not apply to marketing logistics services. Effective and consistent marketing and sales initiatives together create a successful blend of awareness, desire and client satisfaction.

All these elements combined over eighteen days from the date of an initial exploratory appointment with Aubio Life Sciences during a networking event to the receipt of products into active inventory.

The progression of this process was due to several factors:

· A clear and present client need;

· The ability to recommend immediate solutions;

· A clearly defined agreement with no fine print, and

· A reputation of trust and integrity of both parties that preceded their interaction and that was reinforced throughout negotiations.

Aubio, a national manufacturer products with game-changing ingredients that help prevent cold sores and reduce their severity, had recently updated their packaging with new graphics and was re-stocking retail outlets around the country with the newly-branded product. Inventory was kept at a warehouse that did not provide the desired level of service.

In a competitive marketplace, consumers seek to purchase products from companies with policies that meet their own expectations for quality and service. Although not required by regulation, by working with a pharmaceutical-grade warehouse at WDSrx this client demonstrates to their customers that they provide a higher degree of security, cleanliness and service to match their premium positioning.

WDSrx proposed an immediate solution to accept new product at their Boca Raton, FL facility in order to eliminate the temporary stock spike. Space was made available to accommodate the inventory while account details were downloaded into the WDSrx Warehouse Management System.

With 210,000 square feet of temperature-regulated space available in multiple locations in Florida and Texas, WDSrx offered a turnkey solution to continue order fulfillment without disruption in delivery schedules. According to Aubio Life Sciences President Scott Wooley, “Our company makes decisions as fast as our product works. WDSrx provides us with the premium environment and service that aligns with our product value proposition and retailer delivery expectations.”

The entire transition period spanned eighteen days. In an industry where the time between initial contact and contract signing may last several months, the short duration of this timeline was facilitated by the strong professional and personal ethics between the parties. “WDSrx has earned our reputation for conducting business with high standards in service to our clients, their customers and patients,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf.

For further information about how WDSrx creates innovative healthcare supply chain solutions that continue to move the healthcare chain, visit , or contact WDSrx Business Development Coordinator Samuel Seelenfreund at or at (561) 998-3885 x301.

Figure 1:Trust Is More Than A Feeling – A Manufacturer of A Pro-Active Cold Sore Remedy Became A WDSrx Client 18 Days After Initial Contact

About Aubio Life Sciences

Aubio believes lip care requires the same commitment to health and beauty as any other area of the body. Aubio Life Sciences is a life science personal healthcare company with a focus on skin care developing a powerful line of products derived from Aubío’s proprietary ultra-effective SuperBotanicals™. The company’s proprietary technology utilizes extracts from a carnivorous plant with high resistance to infection and the ability to thrive in harsh conditions. When applied to skin, the benefits are felt and seen immediately. Aubio provides natural, rapid relief for cold sores and fever blisters in a gel and lip balm.

About WDSrx – Woodfield Distribution

WDSrx – Woodfield Distribution, LLC is a logistics services provider dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. WDSrx offers warehousing, fulfillment, transportation management and a range diversified supply chain solutions performed on-site including packaging and labeling, financial services and chargeback management, inbound-outbound call center campaigns and reverse logistics. Compliant with DSCSA requirements, WDSrx is state licensed nationally and authorized by the DEA, FDA, DOT, EPA, VAWD and other regulatory authorities.

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