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    Donation from WDSrx Trains Medical Students For Graduation

    Marketing Director Alvaro Sanchez shares the stage with Mrs. Zelniker and her Medical Science class.

    Miami, FL (May 29, 2019) – Students in the Medical Sciences Academy of North Miami Senior High School received equipment and training from pharmaceutical logistics services provider WDSrx and attendees of the scwish:pharma industry event that prepared them for their graduation ceremony today in Miami.

    WDSrx became involved with North Miami Senior High School after fully funding a project listed on the website by Academy teacher Lauren Zelniker. WDSrx attended the school’s Annual Academy Graduation in which over 200 students in seven different academies received their Program Certifications.

    The school’s Medical Science Academy teaches students how to become a CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant). The academy also gives the students opportunities for Direct Study internships allowing them to do on the job training, shadowing and mentoring in various clinic and health care facilities.

    During last year’s scwish:pharma conference, industry experts tackled issues facing the pharmaceutical supply chain.  A charitable initiative was an important part of the program.

    “It was amazing to see how big of an impact our donation made to each of the student’s lives. Being a part of the ceremony and having the opportunity to congratulate each student for their hard work was absolutely wonderful,” commented Alvaro Sanchez, WDSrx Marketing Coordinator.

    With the help of the Medical Science Academy, students who were awarded their CMAA  certificates obtain employment in doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

    Marketing Coordinator, Alvaro Sanchez congratulates North Miami High School graduates in the Medical Science program as they receive their CMAA certificates.

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