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    Teaching A Dog Food Company New Tricks In E-Commerce Logistics



    A newly commercialized dog food manufacturer required a GMP-compliant Third-Party Logistics services provider to establish operations for their e-commerce fulfillment model.  The company needed to begin sales on a limited basis and develop their customer base.  In addition, logistics support for their business needed to expand with company growth.  Customer satisfaction was a primary factor to determine the ideal logistics partner.


    The dog food company was in start-up mode without prior experience with their business model.  They sought out a 3PL partner with previous expertise in large-volume e-commerce distribution.  Unique packaging is an important part of the product appeal.  Different order configurations required multiple packaging options from large envelopes and bags of pet food to boxes including different marketing materials, scoops, stickers and related items.  The company expected sales to increase sharply as their marketing efforts increased.  Their projected growth would require additional labor, equipment and facilities to meet additional customer demand.  Further, multiple shipping options with daily pick-ups from several courier services were necessary to assure on-time delivery.


    WDSrx works with clients to implement custom packaging and kitting solutions.


    Newly commercialized companies including this customer that select an experienced 3PL partner help to assure business success compared with similar companies that attempt to perform logistics services internally to save cost.  This animal health firm appreciated that WDSrx works with a large group of e-commerce customers in various industries. With extensive knowledge and understanding of the e-commerce fulfillment process, WDSrx clients benefit from this experience to increase consumer satisfaction.

    The WDSrx warehouse in Dayton, NJ was chosen as the ideal location to begin operations.  Warehouse technicians were trained to assemble five different types of branded customized packaging depending on customer order, plus additional marketing materials in each package. Bags of food and boxes with multiple products required pre-assembly.  A process was planned with the client to establish procedures that would enable volume growth with minimal modification to packaging instructions. According to WDSrx Operations Manager Ken York, “We set the right foundation with our client from the start to begin with smaller volume and scale the business quickly.” 


    Our Dayton, New Jersey warehouse was selected to begin Third-Party Logistics operations for a newly commercialized pet food company.

    Labor and other resources were quickly added to accommodate increasing order volume. With a large labor pool of available warehouse technicians, WDSrx expanded capacity to expand the program to meet demand spikes for holiday season and new customer acquisition. Long-standing vendor relationships enabled WDSrx to secure late afternoon daily pickups with selected freight forwarders and couriers on behalf of the new enterprise.  This advantage supported prompt shipments to meet narrow delivery windows to pet parents around the country.  


    A recently commercialized dog food manufacturer needed a 3PL service provider to arrange a functional game plan to fulfill their e-commerce orders. The company that planned to grow larger as their product sales took off. WDSrx provided the best opportunity to build their business from the ground-up. The program goal was to continue receiving positive feedback from their demanding customer base. 

    Capabilities Utilized

    Transportation ManagementThe WDSrx transportation management team arranged late afternoon daily pick-ups on behalf of the client despite their small initial fulfillment volume.  This regular schedule allows more orders to be processed throughout the day to be shipped as soon as possible.

    Kitting and Assembly – The experienced WDSrx operations team organized receipt of inbound products, assembled materials for five different packaging configurations and set up a process flow for streamlined order fulfillment.

    Warehousing and Fulfillment – The client demanded a GMP warehouse facility to help assure high standards for Quality Assurance and compliance.  All WDSrx facility locations are FDA registered for finished pharmaceutical products or food and nutritional supplements.

    E-Commerce –  WDSrx fulfillment technology provides a seamless and scalable solution for e-commerce transactions from order through invoicing.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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