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Dietary Supplements

Higher Logistics Standards Satisfy Consumer Expectations

Consumers are increasingly making purchases from companies that support their belief systems and lifestyle choices.

This brand activism affects purchasing behavior of dietary supplements and nutritional foods.

Supply chain transparency empowers consumers to support brands that care about consumer safety from the moment the product is made to the moment of final purchase.

Responding to the heightened importance placed on supply chain transparency, progressive manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutritional foods outsource warehousing and order fulfillment to pharmaceutical third party logistics providers.

Warehouses licensed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to handle pharmaceuticals follow additional regulations and cGMP guidelines beyond requirements for food-grade warehouses covering sanitation, training, facility maintenance, hygiene, operations and inventory control.

The cost of warehousing supplements in pharmaceutical facilities is often competitive and includes the peace-of-mind derived from more stringent operational procedures and enhanced compliance benchmarks.

Promoting additional product safeguards translates into increased customer loyalty, further differentiates product benefits, aligns corporate policy with customer expectations, promotes goodwill and heightens brand awareness.


Warehouse ProceduresPharmaceutical Grade RequirementsFood/Nutritional Grade Requirements
Code of Federal Regulations21 CFR 210/21121 CFR 110/111
cGMP GuidelinesFinished PharmaceuticalsDietary Supplements
BathroomsHot and cold water, soap and/or detergentX
Cold ChainActive, passive and hybridX
DistributionWritten Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for distribution method and returnX
Licensing/AuditsVAWD, DEA, FDA, DOT, EPA, every U.S. State requiring licensingX
Lot TraceabilityRequiredX
Pest ControlWritten procedures and regular scheduled pest controlX
ReturnsEnable returns traceable by lot numberX
Risk ManagementHigh security, redundant power, entry/exit loggingX
SanitationWritten procedures assigning responsibility for cleaning schedules and methodsX
Secondary PackagingMaintains temperature range on product label direct to consumer/patientX
Space UtilizationSeparate areas by purpose – storage, packaging and labeling, quarantineX
StorageOff floorX
Temperature and HumidityConstant monitored Controlled Room Temperature between 20°-25° C (68°-77 °F) and 60% relative humidityX


Are any Controlled Substances (CII) included in your return? If so, please press "Yes" and complete the DEA 222 Request Form. You can also contact Jason Solomon at or (561) 998-3885 x316.