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    Customized Packaging For Supplement Bottling Program

    customized packaging stacks

    A prominent manufacturer of dietary supplements recently partnered with WDSrx for their specialized supplement bottling program. The client required customized bulk packaging and labeling service solutions in order to get their product wrapped and sealed on time to meet demands of a major national retailer. Multiple logistics services at WDSrx including packaging and labeling go beyond traditional 3PL capabilities.

    customized packaging bottles

    Once the product is bottled and labeled, it is then ready to be sent through the wrapping and sealing machine.

    The bulk packaging and labeling process for this product was specifically for a warehouse-type retailer specializing in bulk sales. Each unit consisted of three supplement bottles. Specialized equipment was utilized to efficiently produce these retail product sets.  

    The process began at the end of the bottling line, where products were grouped together in sets of three bottles per package and loaded into the tunnel. The bottles were then moved along the conveyor belt into a wrapping machine. This all-in-one packaging machine wraps and seals items on a single continuous conveyor belt.  A clear plastic sheet is stretched over the bottles as they move along the line, followed by heat application with pressure to seal the three bottles into a single packaging unit. 

    customized packaging bagged

    Supplement bottles are wrapped in sets of 3 before being sent through the heat sealing unit.

    As each set of bottles continues the journey, a second piece of equipment cuts and shapes the wrapping for a secure seal around the bottles. The finished unit appears at the end of the machine into a sorting bin. Then, a packaging technician moves the products from the sorting bin into a cardboard box for storage and outbound shipping. 

    This process is repeated until all products are wrapped, sealed, and packed. The boxes are then carefully stacked on pallets to be shipped to multiple retail locations.  “The advanced equipment used for this program increases customized packaging efficiency by driving a high quantity of bottles through the machine simultaneously.” says WDSrx Production Manager Cristian Correa.  

    customized packaging production technician

    WDSrx Production Technicians pack boxes full of sealed product before stacking them on a palette for shipping.

    The retailer requiring this customized supplement packaging solution preferred large quantities to be stored and shipped as necessary for easier distribution and better sell-through.  WDSrx manages the entire process from receiving bulk product, bottling, customized packaging and labeling and order fulfillment.  The results save time and increase productivity for clients and their retail accounts.

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    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.


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