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When evaluating what makes up a company it’s easy to point out the buildings, warehouses, the equipment, machinery, physical assets and labor. All of them are important components. WDSrx has all those elements. But our culture combines them in distinctive ways that distinguishes WDSrx as a pharmaceutical logistics services provider.

Hows Culture Streamlines Services

In the first place, WDSrx is entrepreneurial.  Established in 2010 by current President Adam Runsdorf, our company remains independent, an LLC with a sole member, financially secure and without debt. Growing approximately 20% annually, our success is due to a lean management team enabling clients direct contact with company decision-makers. Our goal is to minimize obstacles between clients and their inventory. No red tape. No bureaucracy.

WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf (left) embodies our entrepreneurial culture.

The horizontal organization chart promotes direct discussion and swift decision-making. Clients are consistently impressed by our ability to compress the time required to construct a refrigeration unit, facilitate new shipping procedures, customize inventory reports, streamline workflows and perform business-building services. Continuous improvement initiatives motivate our team to fulfill our mission of “Streamlining the Supply Chain Between Treatments and Patients.” The result furthers our company reputation as a scalable, flexible partner that develops the optimal blend for clients between price and performance.

Unlike competitors who reject business methods that vary from their cookie-cutter procedures, innovation is encouraged at WDSrx. WDSrx is dedicated to generating customized solutions. We are in business to receive orders from clients and when requested, providing them with options to improve their bottom line. This is the reason WDSrx offers a wide range of services in addition to warehousing, fulfillment and transportation management. Packaging and labeling, assembly and kitting, reverse logistics, direct to consumer programs, e-commerce fulfillment, product sampling programs, financial services and government pricing administration are managed internally to provide end-to-end logistics services.


The WDSrx production team is equipped with protective fabric jackets embroidered with the WDSrx logo.

The WDSrx culture is sustained by our employees. Our dedicated team works each day to promote our culture of “Confidence Beyond Compliance” to clients, colleagues, trading partners, vendors and industry professionals.

WDSrx currently has 7 facilities located in Florida (Boca Raton and Pompano Beach), Texas (Sugar Land), New Jersey (Dayton) and Ohio (Lockbourne).

For further information about WDSrx culture contact Larry Hotz at or call 561-998-3885 x304.

Culture at WDSrx

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