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Case Study: WDSrx Keeps Money Flowing for Manufacturer Migrating from Legacy 3PL

Accounting Coordinator Gus collaborates with a client to transfer financial data.


WDSrx collaborates with manufacturers to accommodate their financial service needs including chargeback processing. Recently, a prospective client transitioning to us from another 3PL requested assistance transferring their legacy accounting data to maintain consistent reporting. 

Clients often prefer financial services for their products to be managed near their inventory. This helps to streamline the order-to-cash process with the ability to confirm transactions match inventory activity.

Challenges Presented: 

Returns Logistics Coordinator, Sandra processes returned product that must be documented in financial reports for month-end reconciliation.

An established generic pharmaceutical manufacturer moving their 3PL services to WDSrx requested that accounting data compiled by their legacy logistics provider be transferred into the WDSrx accounting system.  This transition was required to easily account for returns credits in the future due from past sales.

The original data was not compatible with the WDSrx financial platform making it difficult to quickly import client accounts receivables financial data between systems. Because the coding was incompatible,  it was necessary to manually check every transaction to confirm information was converted successfully.

The onboarding process for this client could not begin before the financial data was successfully transferred into our integrated financial reporting system.

Client cash applications were also at risk without a solution to successfully migrate data into the WDSrx program.  If Accounts Receivable data was incomplete, important processes including customer aging would be inaccurate, causing problems recognizing cash flow and setting the client back for a prolonged period.


Accounting Coordinator, Gus Martinez, oversees all financial services activity in our Order-to-Cash Department.

Close collaboration between teams at WDSrx and the client company was a significant component contributing to a successful transfer of financial data. Gus Martinez, one of our Financial Services Technicians, took the lead in this complex data transfer project. 

Before setting the prospective client up in our accounting system, client raw financial data from their legacy provider was reorganized for accounts receivables prior to working with WDSrx. The solution involved creating pivot tables to sort data and map transactions then checking to confirm accuracy. The tables included sums, averages and other statistics which then grouped together in a helpful way. 

When the client’s financial data was summarized in pivot tables, it was then imported into WDSrx accounting software. It was crucial to analyze the newly imported data and balance it, dollar for dollar, with their old set of data spreadsheets for regulatory compliance.

The WDSrx credit management services reporting team maintained constant contact with the client company throughout the transfer process. Milestones were created at each stage before beginning each new phase of the transfer. This was done to assure confidence in the long coding process.


Manufacturers appreciate that WDSrx manages financial services reporting at the same location where their inventory is stored.

Past transaction details for this client were successfully integrated into the new accounting system.  This project was completed in a timely manner and without the customer missing any financial reporting deadlines. 

Capabilities Utilized:

Distribution of prescription medications have direct implications for financial reporting of sales and returns.

Financial Services Management: Utilizing a suite of credit resource management services offering order-to-cash, chargeback processing, government pricing administration and financial reporting based on real-time inventory activity, WDSrx provides comprehensive business management for conventional and virtual manufacturers.

Information Technology: Advanced computer systems and a robust technology backbone at WDSrx exchange relevant data between warehouse management systems, EDI vendors and an accounting platform to provide reliable and redundant availability of vital documentation.  Data redundancy and high-level security are built into the solution.

Inventory Management:  WDSrx offers end-to-end logistics services for clients to streamline tasks that increase efficiency.  Clients with inventory in our warehouses benefit from our financial services team performing order-to-cash and other reporting requirements because the process is more reliable when accounting functions are managed with immediate access to client inventory and transactional data.

For more, watch this episode our video series 30 Seconds With Your 3PL, highlighting WDSrx’s Financial Service capabilities:

For further information about Financial Services Management or WDSrx contact Larry Hotz at, call 561-292-0380 x304 or visit our YouTube Channel.

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