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    Case Study: WDSrx Gains New Client With Expedited Schedule To Open New Ohio Warehouse

    Preferred Service Provider Andersen Material Handling Helps Launch Operations Prior to Deadline


    When the opportunity arose to expand into Ohio, Pharmaceutical 3PL Logistics Services Provider WDSrx acquired a 72,312 square foot facility in the pharmaceutical hub near the state capital of Columbus. Almost immediately upon finalizing the documentation, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer expressed an urgent need to occupy the space and fulfill orders.

    Profitable relationships with leading service providers developed over time and after multiple projects were instrumental to complete infrastructure upgrades quickly at the new location.  Client expectations were met and full operation achieved on budget and ahead of schedule.


    Warehouse facilities operating within the pharmaceutical supply chain must meet strict guidelines established by government and other regulatory authorities to assure patient safety.  WDSrx experts were evaluating a newly acquired location in Lockbourne, OH to bring the facility up to company standards when a major pharmaceutical firm expressed a need to utilize the space as soon as possible.

    To win the business, WDSrx considered solutions that would build out the necessary infrastructure, obtain permits, apply for licensing and commence logistics operations within a few weeks compared with several months the process takes under different circumstances.


    While the WDSrx Regulatory Affairs team managed the applications for relevant licensing, Director of Supply Chain, Eric Nestler called upon experienced service providers including Andersen Material Handling to plan, order and install pharmaceutical warehousing components, equipment and machinery within strict deadlines.

    WDSrx develops close working relationships through long-standing collaboration with key service providers who can act immediately due to their familiarity with WDSrx business practices and standards. “The solution in Ohio depended on everything arriving on time and in the proper order for work teams to complete each phase of the build-out efficiently,” according to Nestler.

    Industrial engineers at Andersen Material Handling generated a facility space utilization plan taking into consideration projected volume, type of products, capacity, load limits, labor requirements and other factors.  A timetable was created to coordinate delivery and installation of materials and equipment.

    Open communication with the prospective client kept them informed of developments.  Their preliminary audit resulted in the facility being conditionally approved based on the completion timeline.

    The initial phase involved installation of racking and decking for approximately 4,000 pallet positions over a two-week period.  A wire guidance system was then installed in the flooring.  Wire guidance is an electronic and mechanical system that controls steering of VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) enabled forklifts via an energized guidewire.  The wire guidance system enables WDSrx to significantly increase pallet capacity within the existing warehouse footprint.  The racking and decking of an additional 4,000 pallet positions was then completed.

    After testing of the wire guidance system and racking was conducted, equipment was approved for delivery.  Two swing-reach turret trucks were connected to the wire guidance system.  Two sit-down counter-balances and two manual pallet jacks were also delivered to improve the efficiency of the Ohio team.


    The receipt of client products into inventory commenced seven weeks after the property was acquired by WDSrx. A few weeks after starting the fulfillment program, the client increased their inventory position at the WDSrx Ohio facility.

    According to Bob DiDia, Andersen Material Handling Vice President, “The project for the Ohio facility was completed quickly because of good collaboration and trust between Andersen and WDSrx.  We succeed when our clients succeed.  The solution works well today and supports cost-effective expansion for future growth.”


    The expedited timeframe to establish full operation at the new WDSrx facility in Lockbourne, Ohio for a new client required the expertise of several departments that consistently focus on client satisfaction:

    Warehousing and Fulfillment – Consistently high-performance standards are an important priority at all 7 WDSrx warehouses located in 4 states. Attracting ideal candidates for the Ohio location enabled orders to be received and shipped correctly from opening day.

    Procedures established at other facilities were adapted for the new location. Licensing and other requirements were managed centrally from the WDSrx Boca Raton headquarters to allow the new team to focus on client satisfaction.

    Supply Chain – The new Ohio facility operates within a connected network with all WDSrx warehouses.  Infrastructure, equipment and capabilities at each location support every other facility to maximize benefit for clients.  The ability of clients to easily scale their logistics requirements while working with WDSrx is a key component assuring customer satisfaction.

    Transportation Management – WDSrx performs transportation audits for clients to minimize transportation charges. Inventory may be distributed among several WDSrx locations to keep product close to delivery addresses. The new Ohio facility creates additional flexibility for clients with business in the Ohio and neighboring regions.

    Client Services – The expedited timeline to commence operations at the WDSrx Ohio facility was initiated by a request from a prospective client. Customer service at WDSrx is apparent at every connection point beginning with the first interaction with a potential customer.

    In this scenario, an open line of communication was established between WDSrx and the manufacturer which plans were shared to discuss specifics about strategy, implementation and scheduling. Involvement remained high throughout the process. The Business Development team handed the client to the Account Services team with day-to-day responsibility for client satisfaction. The steps involved in this experience occurs with each prospect and client every day.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885 or Chris Carr of Andersen Material Handling at (954) 246-2216.

    A swing reach turret track moves along a wire guidance system at the new WDSrx warehouse facility in Lockbourne, OH. – WDSrx

    Empty warehouse space in Lockbourne, OH acquired by pharmaceutical logistics services provider WDSrx was quickly converted into a cGMP facility for a new client.

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