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    Case Study: Just Kitting – The Serious Business of Medical Device Assembly

    WDSrx Account Coordinators oversee medical device assembly and kitting procedures before handing the project off to the production team.

    Watch Our 30 Seconds with Your 3PL Episode About a Kitting Project at WDSrx


    The manufacturer of the first commercially available Horizontal Centrifuge for dental and medical applications looked to WDSrx to perform logistics services for their expanding business.  The entire inventory was transferred to WDSrx from the client’s original warehouse located in their existing office space.  Orders were expected to be processed throughout the move without service disruption.

    Utilizing deep expertise in medical device assembly and fulfillment, WDSrx organized a kit-to-stock program that streamlined their operations, enabled continuation of client business and positioned the client for future growth.


    The initial challenge was transferring inventory of delicate medical equipment and components to the WDSrx warehouse.    

    Additional quantities of components were being received from several different vendors directly to the WDSrx warehouse. Putting together all items for each kit in the correct environment is necessary to avoid mix-ups or contamination. 

    centrifuge kit

    Each kit contains user manuals, glass vials, tri-fold pamphlets, a centrifuge machine, needles, blood collecting tubes, holders and informational packets.  During the packaging process, both small and large items are placed into the same box. The different sizes of the many components presents a challenge in fitting everything securely in the box prior to sealing. Once assembled, these heavy boxes must be handled with extra care to prevent any potential damage to the finished kit.

    Due to high demand of the newly introduced product, a large quantity of kits was required to be assembled in order to meet current demand and provide sufficient inventory to fulfill future kit orders.


    production technician opening package for assembly project

    When the inventory arrived at the WDSrx loading dock from the former warehouse, a team of warehouse technicians unloaded the truck and arranged all materials at a staging area for inspection.  Advance planning alerted the WDSrx operations team to provide sufficient pallet positions and bin locations for the various products.  After inspection and with client approval, the products were released and placed in active inventory.

    Account Coordinators Arcot Jayalakshmi and Shannon Williamson oversaw all medical device assembly and kitting procedures.  Initial kits were assembled for the client to confirm that all necessary items were included.  Next, after confirmation that all equipment and components were received in the proper quantities, items were organized in a GMP-compliant production suite and set up for assembly line processing.

    Skilled production technicians were trained based on previously approved specifications and teams were created for the kitting project.  The assembly of the hundreds of kits needed for the in-stock program was overseen by the WDSrx Quality Assurance department.  Completed kits were organized onto pallets and stored in the WDSrx warehouse within the same building as the production area.


    production technician prepping empty boxes for medical device assembly

    Similar to making a home cooked meal for dinner, there are many stages in the medical device assembly and kitting process. Reading the recipe, gathering all the necessary ingredients, and putting the right amount of each ingredient produces the desired outcome.

    WDSrx supported client requirements to assure continued fulfillment of orders during warehouse migration and also completed the kitting process of hundreds of completed and assembled kits for future distribution.  This process reduced cost for this client compared with individual kit-to-order program that assembles each kit as each order is received. 

    According to WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf, “Our production team and operations work together for successful kit-to-stock programs that reduce cost and increase efficiency for clients.  These programs scale to meet the business needs of smaller and large medical device manufacturers.”

    Kitting and assembly plays an integral part in our logistics services since many pharmaceutical manufacturers with medical devices usually require this additional service to be done for them by a third party. 

    Capabilities Utilized 

    production technicians getting trained on assembly project

    Kitting and Special Projects Gathering individual items for consolidation into special packaging provides clients with increased flexibility to modify standard product offerings for promotions, holidays and other sales events.

    Warehousing and Fulfillment –  Strict regulatory requirements are specified for the receipt, storage and fulfillment of orders from manufacturers of prescription and over-the-counter medications, medical devices and related products.  WDSrx warehouses are State licensed nationally and comply with GMP guidelines for handling and distribution of finished pharmaceutical products.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.


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