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    Case Study: Reducing Wait Times with Expedited Logistics to Cancer Clinics

    expedited logistics


    A prominent operator of 90 local cancer clinics throughout Florida required an efficient, expedited logistics solution to deliver medications and therapies to every clinic and coordinate with patient appointments. The complex process involved the return and immediate re-delivery of therapies between facilities. Many products required refrigeration and special handling. WDSrx created a plan to streamline returns and fulfillment with support from Reverse Logistics and Operations teams.  The outcome increased productivity and improved program reliability.


    expedited logistics

    Insulated packaging keeps refrigerated products under temperature control amidst processing.

    The Reverse Logistics team overcame several challenges to develop a viable solution.  Different medications traveled from individual clinics to the central WDSrx logistics hub location for processing and transport to other facilities.  Maintaining product integrity and verifying chain of custody required strict compliance as inventory moved through the system.

    Another challenge involved Internal coordination between the forward logistics and reverse logistics teams at WDSrx. Reverse logistics and forward logistics are separate functions.  Items returned usually go through one of two channels: destruction, or returning to active inventory based on client returns policy.  This case required constant communication as products were returned to the Reverse Logistics team.

    expedited logistics reverse technician

    Reverse Logistics Technicians quickly and efficiently process temperature sensitive medications and therapies.

    Additionally, the client maintained their own inventory management system. This required WDSrx to integrate its current WMS with their systems in order to stay harmonized. It is crucial that the information displayed on both systems matched one another.  The client often made new products available to clinics.  Immediate entry of each new product into the WDSrx warehouse management system was needed to avoid delays in receiving returns of new items.

    The client needed a fast turnaround of medications between return and shipment to new clinics. Minimizing the time between the return and redirection of an item is critical to patient health and product effectiveness.


    Advance planning occurred prior to the start of the expedited logistics project. WDSrx held virtual and in-person meetings with the client to carefully review procedures and design a cohesive game plan. The WDSrx Quality Assurance department supervised the process from end-to-end to assure compliance and reviewed documentation to prevent errors or omissions.

    expedited logistics

    The Reverse Logistics team inspects documentation to ensure compliant handling of products.

    Instituted procedures in the Reverse Logistics department assist in meeting project objectives. Returns technicians quickly re-allocate products received and processed to the forward logistics team as active inventory for shipment.  A specialized Account Coordinator managed the transition from returned product to preparing the same item for outbound fulfillment.

    The WDSrx Information Technology department streamlined the flow of information between separate computer systems used by the client and WDSrx. The client utilized multiple legacy systems for procurement and also for inventory management.  These systems were programmed to link together and to facilitate communication between all parties. Real-time visibility and traceability for orders allow the client to keep an eye on project progress.

    cold chain processing

    Expedited logistics processing time ensures temperature sensitive products enter cold chain storage at an expedited rate.

    To minimize processing time between product returns and outbound orders, multiple daily pickups from courier services enabled same day fulfilment of the maximum quantity of orders.  Many of the medications were temperature sensitive requiring cold chain handling and storage.   WDSrx kept all refrigerated products within specified temperature range at all times with insulated packaging and temperature monitoring devices.


    The vast network of cancer clinics demanded a 3PL partner that could process high volume orders quickly and deliver them to patients requiring treatment at specific times. Patients who arrive for an appointment endure inconvenience and potential consequences to their health in the case of medication delivery delays. WDSrx designed a flexible solution that enables clinics to return product to the WDSrx facility for return processing and immediate shipment to other clinics to serve their patients. This solution saves time, reduces cost, increases productivity, and gets the patients exactly what they need to be treated.

    cold chain storage

    WDSrx cold chain processing ensures the protection of temperature regulated goods.

    Capabilities Utilized

    Reverse Logistics The WDSrx Reverse Logistics department worked closely with our client to run a program where returned items are received by WDSrx and quickly redelivered to multiple locations through one expedited logistics channel.  

    Inventory Management – WDSrx Warehouse Technicians followed specific procedures for receiving inbound return orders into the facility before shipping them back out in a short window. An advanced online system closely monitors any processed return from the time it enters to the time it leaves the WDSrx 3PL warehouse. 

    Transportation ManagementInventory was distributed to clinics in multiple locations using the fastest and most cost-effective route. WDSrx coordinated daily pickups for preferred couriers with temperature-regulated vehicles to safely transport refrigerated products.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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