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    Case Study: Distributor of Veterinary Medications Seeking Efficiency Finds Their Forever Home With WDSrx

    A leading distributor of human crossover medications for veterinary use managed storage and distribution of thousands of products from a small office at their headquarters location in Miami, FL.  As their business grew, demands increased for labor and time that distracted the company from core marketing and sales operations.  After extensive research and an RFP review, WDSrx, a pharmaceutical 3PL, was selected and developed the preferred solution to increase efficiency and allow the client company to concentrate on sales growth.

    WDSrx is a healthcare logistics service provider with 320,000 square feet of capacity at multiple facilities in Florida and Texas featuring ambient, refrigerated and frozen cold chain capabilities.  Operations are licensed to meet cGMP, FDA, EPA, DOT and Federal, State and Regulatory Agency requirements for handling of Over-The-Counter and Prescription pharmaceutical products in secure vaults and cages.

    The client needed more space to accommodate their expanded product offering and increase efficiency.


    As a distributor of crossover medications serving thousands of veterinarians across the country, the client managed warehousing and fulfillment from their office in a space that the business had outgrown.  With over 1,200 SKUs and approximately 800 orders daily, a new dedicated space was necessary.

    Challenges had to be addressed by WDSrx as well.  As a pharmaceutical logistics services provider, WDSrx primarily receives, stores and fulfills large orders on pallets for shipments to downstream trading partners including healthcare facilities, wholesalers and distributors.  Transactions for this client consist exclusively of single or small multiple items packed and shipped directly to final dispensers.

    According to WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf, “WDSrx offers diversified logistics services within a boutique culture, which enabled us to think creatively and take decisive action to reconfigure space and personnel to get the job done quickly and correctly.”


    WDSrx developed a solution with this client that involved changing the configuration of warehouse shelving and adjusting work schedules to accommodate extended shipping deadlines.

    Normally, one shelving bay in a WDSrx warehouse accommodates two pallet positions.  This solution required installation of new crossbeams and decking in twenty-five (25) bays.  Each shelving bay was modified to hold thirty-two (32) bins each for a total of eight hundred (800) separate storage locations.  The bins were placed along two sides of a center aisle to allow easy access to packing stations and shipping docks.

    Orders are picked, packed and shipped up to 7:30 p.m. for next morning delivery to destinations within the United States.

    The workflow process also changed for the warehouse team to meet client needs.  Orders received electronically from this client are channeled by the WDSrx Account Manager directly to the floor where they are seen on handheld devices.  Items are picked from their locations along the aisle and moved to the packing stations for packaging and labeling.


    Working together, WDSrx and the client created several new benefits:

    First, the inventory is stored in our facility authorized by the FDA to handle pharmaceutical drug products.  The new location at WDSrx enables considerable room for expansion.

    Volume peaks at approximately 800 orders each day.

    Second, high shipping volume from the WDSrx facility results in preferential rates and services from courier companies.  The deadline for overnight shipping from their original location was 4:45 p.m. and is now extended to 7:00 p.m. at the new warehouse. This change allows more selling time each day for orders to reach their destinations by the next morning.  Additionally, a truck arrives daily and remains at the facility until 7:30 p.m. when it travels directly to the airport for loading and immediate departure.

    Finally, the new warehouse configuration allows more orders to be processed each day.  As business increases, new equipment will be considered including conveyors and an automatic cartoner.

    These improvements result in cost savings for the client while increasing operational efficiencies.

    “With the solution performing as expected, this client can again concentrate on excellent customer service which in turn will expand business and increase opportunities,” WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf. “This collaboration represents the purpose of WDSrx, which is to reduce cost and increase productivity within the pharmaceutical supply chain for our clients.”


    Multiple solutions and value-added services were utilized for the successful implementation of this client project:

    Pharmaceutical Warehousing and Distribution – WDSrx combines years of experience with a technologically advanced infrastructure for a sense of confidence and commitment that clients rely on and appreciate.

    Transportation Management – Patient welfare is a priority at WDSrx requiring the most efficient and safest supply chain solutions to deliver pharmaceutical drug products to their final destination.

    Product Packaging and Labeling – From individual items to full pallets and beyond, WDSrx places the correct product in the proper package for timely delivery to the designated location.

    DSCSA Compliance – Rules for receipt and shipping of pharmaceutical drug products are changing to require additional safeguards for increased patient security.

    For further information contact or (561) 998-3885.

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