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    Case Study: Custom Labeling Solution Developed For International E-commerce Client

    custom labeling machine


    A prestigious international client specializing in health and wellness required custom labeling for their e-commerce beauty products. The languages printed on the labels varied depending on where the orders were being delivered. 

    Meeting delivery promises for loyal customers required immediate project start and expedited completion. For this reason, WDSrx created a solution to apply customized labels and ship the products globally. 


    WDSrx warehouse technicians applying custom labels to an e-commerce client’s product by hand.


    The first challenge was gathering enough resources to label and fulfill the large quantity of products received. Customers were located in America and in Europe. 

    labeling machine

    WDSrx employs the use of labeling machines to effectively and efficiently handle large volume labeling projects.

    A related challenge was organizing the receipt of customized materials at the warehouse needed for the entire project. For example, the printed labels come in different languages and with different legal notices for specific countries to maintain regulatory compliance.

    Since e-commerce fulfillment was after a sale period, WDSrx experienced higher than normal order volume levels in need of completion in a timely manner. 


    The WDSrx facility in Pompano Beach, Florida received all labeling materials. Warehouse technicians unloaded materials then separated labels by language prior to application. 

    custom labeling machine

    WDSrx installed an additional labeling machine for increased efficiency and output quantity.

    WDSrx acquired and installed special equipment to automate the custom labeling process and increase productivity. Two machines were set up at each packing station. A technician loads a large roll of product labels into the applicator of the first machine. Then, the machine peels individual labels from their backing, then stretches and positions them around the cylindrical product container. The application process is fast and precise, therefore preventing any uneven labels that occur with hand application. The equipment is capable of labeling up to 1,200 objects per hour, significantly increasing total output. 

    The second machine dispenses individual barcoded labels for the technician to apply to the bottom of the product package. The introduction of new labeling equipment reduced labor and increased productivity to complete the project on time and within budget.

    e-commerce kitting

    With new labels applied, warehouse technicians assemble custom packaging with shipping documentation for fulfillment.

    Advanced planning with the client confirmed project details to avoid unnecessary delay.  WDSrx worked together with the client to map out the areas where products were being delivered and arranged daily package pickup by courier service. The project thus resulted in the successful labeling, packaging and fulfillment of domestic and international ecommerce orders according to client requirements. 


    WDSrx collaborated with an international client to implement a strategy to prepare and ship ecommerce orders with custom labeling. As a result of utilizing special labeling equipment and other resources at the WDSrx warehouse facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, the client achieved their sales target and generated high customer satisfaction. 

    personal care products

    A large volume order of labeled personal care products, ready for packaging, thanks to the efficiency of our warehouse team.

    Capabilities Utilized

    Packaging and LabelingOn-site bulk packaging and labeling solutions present a range of options to increase the efficiency and control cost. Specialized manual or automated programs are available for clients with specific requirements such as custom labeling for domestic and international fulfillment. 

    E-commerce Fulfillment – WDSrx provides e-commerce warehouse solutions for direct interaction with consumers to increase business. E-commerce fulfillment skills combined with deep knowledge of domestic and international shipping rates and carriers, as a result, create a comprehensive client solution for customized projects.

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

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