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    Case Study: Building A Team For FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) Orders

    Fulfilled By Amazon
    Specialized teams customize Amazon FBA orders to rigid specifications that comply with Amazon requirements.

    Watch Our 30 Seconds with Your 3PL Episode About FBA Orders at WDSrx


    A prominent national manufacturer of dietary supplements with a growing e-commerce business received large orders from Amazon with little advance notice.  WDSrx utilized their expertise to allocate labor and equipment to complete the initial FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) requirements and also developed a system to immediately support future FBA projects.

    Amazon FBA orders often require product bundling for large-volume e-commerce promotions that build business.


    Amazon FBA orders differ from conventional e-commerce orders.  Most ecommerce fulfillment is B2C (business to consumer).  The order is received and the product is picked, packed and shipped directly to the end consumer.  FBA orders are large volume orders placed by Amazon.  These orders are shipped to Amazon distribution centers.  Amazon then fulfills the order to the party who made the original purchase.

    Compared with B2C shipments, additional documentation and special labeling are required by Amazon for their FBA orders. Also, Amazon FBA orders may require special packaging of products that differ from original manufacturer packaging.  For example, individual bottles of supplements may have to be bundled together and then sealed for shipment.  In other cases, products are bubble-wrapped and outer labels added with additional product details and information.

    The client approached WDSrx to complete their Amazon FBA orders including customization and labeling in a short timeframe because advance notice for these orders was not provided and delivery to Amazon was required within three business days.

    Customized labels are applied to repackaged products that comply with scanning equipment at Amazon distribution centers.


    The WDSrx operations team set up packaging stations resembling assembly lines in a central location of the warehouse containing client inventory. Designated warehouse technicians moved large pallets of inventory from warehouse shelves to the staging area on the floor.  Then, product was allocated to different work teams.  Each team was responsible for preparing orders according to different instructions.  One team bundled products together and secured them in shrink-wrap.  Another team used bubble-wrap around multiple items to put together as a set.  A third team applied additional labeling to the outside of wrapped bottles.

    Account coordinators managed the entire process and communicated with the client to confirm accurate label printing and application on cases and pallets prior to shipment.  Transportation was reserved to arrive at the proper time to pick up and deliver the order within the Amazon arrival window.

    “Fulfilling orders using Amazon FBA is a collaborative effort for the WDSrx team,” according to Account Coordinator Carolina Hernandez.  “We each perform specific tasks, from processing the orders, printing the initial labels, picking the orders, assembling the packages and printing final shipping labels according to proper specifications prior to sending to Amazon.”

    Amazon FBA orders require large quantities of specially packaged products to be shipped for immediate fulfillment by Amazon.


    The system created for this project resulted in the client requesting the same procedures for all future Amazon FBA orders.  WDSrx provides flexible labor solutions and customized programs to meet client requirements for planned and unplanned events.  The success of the original project resulted in FBA orders for this client being received more often due to timely fulfillment.  With a proven process, WDSrx manages these unexpected orders without disruption and within Amazon specifications.

    Capabilities Utilized

    Packaging and Labeling – WDSrx implements modern pharmaceutical packaging equipment to enable a full range of DSCSA-compliant solutions for filling, blister packing, labeling and packaging.

    Kitting and Special Projects – Gathering individual items for consolidation into special packaging provides clients with increased flexibility to modify standard product offerings for promotions, holidays and other sales events.

    E-Commerce Fulfillment – WDSrx creates a single point of contact for businesses with online ordering to expedite shipping and to streamline customer service. Completing the entire logistics process through a single source increases customer satisfaction.  

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.


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