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    Case Study: A National Supplement Manufacturer Needs Raw Materials Sampling To Support Production

    barrels filled with API material
    Raw materials require sampling to meet quality assurance standards.

    Watch Our 30 Seconds with Your 3PL Episode About the New Sample Booth at our WDSrx Facility in San Antonio, TX


    A prominent supplement manufacturer converted their warehouse storage area into a production line to meet increased demand for gummy vitamins.  The change required a new partner to test raw materials because their sampling area was replaced with new equipment.

    The solution required the sampling duties to be outsourced to a responsible party.  Results had to be compliant with regulations and completed in a timely manner to maintain the production schedule. 

    sample booth in warehouse facility made for testing of API materials

    A sample booth was installed at the WDSrx warehouse in San Antonio, TX for regulatory compliant testing of raw materials.

    A sample booth was recently installed at our San Antonio, Texas warehouse facility. The booth increases capabilities and services for a prominent national supplement manufacturer. Sampling plays an integral part in the development of API materials (active pharmaceutical ingredients) from start to finish. 


    The manufacturer was a current WDSrx client and therefore was aware of the wide range of logistics services available as required.  The WDSrx team and the client met to review strategic options.  The decision was made to order and assemble a sampling booth that exactly matched the client specifications.  

    Due to the variety of supplements produced at the plant, five separate sampling procedures were required for super sacks, blends, flavors, citric acid and sugar.  Different sampling protocols are required for each test.  Also, multiple tests were needed to be conducted each day to maintain production schedules.

    Super sacks of API materials stored on racks in a warehouse

    Super sacks filled with raw materials stored in the WDSrx San Antonio, TX facility.

    Super sacks are bulk bags designed to hold heavy loads of materials such as powders, resins, and grains. Super sacks are composed of a thick fabric that blocks out light and keeps contents inside away from moisture. They are transported from the production suite to the sampling booth by forklift. Blends are made up of several additives that, when combined, produce a finished element. Citric acid is mainly used as an acidifier and also for flavoring. Sugars are used to bind elements to one another to create a more complex compound. 

    After sampling is completed, test results and samples must be packaged and delivered to the client facility for review and inspection.


    At ten feet wide by ten feet long, the sampling booth was assembled within a one-week period. It has ample space to conduct regular sampling for a variety of products.  Quality standards required the booth to be built with plexiglass sides, strip curtains, HEPA filtration and positive airflow. Any airborne contaminants such as dust or bacteria must be filtered out for sampling to remain consistent between tests.

    A training program was followed based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) documents. Personnel from the client company and WDSrx were in regular communication to verify training methods and to meet Quality Assurance approval.     

    WDSrx warehouse technicians manage sampling activity and are responsible for supervising the overall progress of the projects. All personnel authorized to enter the booth are required to wear cleanroom garments to prevent any potential contamination from the outside. This includes masks, gloves, goggles, and antistatic coverings for the body and feet. Strict procedures are enforced to facilitate sterile conditions.

    Local transportation was also arranged to move sample products and testing results the short distance from the WDSrx warehouse to the client manufacturing plant.  Multiple pick-ups are scheduled each day to streamline the flow of products and information between facilities. 

    “The addition of our sampling booth expands logistics services WDSrx provides in the San Antonio region and differentiates our high level of expertise in the marketplace for pharmaceutical logistics,” states WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf. 


    The transition of raw material sampling to WDSrx occurred in a timely manner and began after proper training methods were established.  Labor resources were allocated to assure sample productivity were maintained with regular frequency. Sampling of API materials is one activity that occurs within the warehouse however the entire WDSrx warehouse team is actively involved in assuring client satisfaction.  The results of this cooperative program allows the client to focus resources on their production process and increase supply of product to meet rising consumer demand. The sample booth provides additional capabilities to WDSrx customers by outsourcing labor-intensive tasks and allowing clients to focus on their core capabilities.  

    warehouse technician loading API materials to truck using forklift

    Clients work with WDSrx for raw material sampling solutions.

    Capabilities Utilized

    Warehousing and Distribution The warehouse performs several tasks including receipt, storage, fulfillment, and the management of sampling programs. There is a dedicated team of technicians trained to provide specialized services. 

    Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance Raw materials during sampling must satisfy quality requirements for both the client and WDSrx. Product sampling requires precision and accuracy to be effective. Correct procedures must be supervised by a Quality Assurance manager. 

    Sampling Programs A sampling booth creates efficiency for clients testing API and raw materials. This service enables manufacturers to examine their product on-site prior to acceptance into inventory and also during storage to test stability. 

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.


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