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When Logistics Worlds Collide: Fashion History Predicts Future of Pharma Fulfillment

This article was posted February 12, 2019 in Inbound Logistics Magazine.  Read the story here. Introduction Before you say anything, I’ve already heard all the jokes. You see, my experience in the pharmaceutical logistics sector began during the 1980’s in the high-end fashion business. I know.  There are drugs in both. Even planets millions of miles from each other may intersect their orbits at two points. And such is the relationship between fashion and pharma logistics. I notice parallel...

Top Trends in pharma logistics for 2019

The Pharma Logistics IQ story was published here. Pharma Logistics Editor, 01/24/2019 We share insights from our audience on the top trends coming this year in the temperature controlled supply chain We spoke to our audience to find out seven trends that will impact pharma logistics in 2019. #1 New drugs will place strain on traditional supply chain models When we ask our Pharma Logistics community what development will cause the greatest disruption to the temperature controlled supply chain, ...

WDSrx Bulks Up Pharmaceutical Returns Capabilities

LOGISTICS SERVICES PROVIDER REGISTERS AS LARGE QUANTITY GENERATOR (LQG) TO HANDLE BULK PHARMACEUTICAL RETURNS Kangaroos share a characteristic with pharmaceutical manufacturers. They dislike moving backwards.  But they often need to reverse direction. For kangaroos, they turn around when they see a dingo.  The dingo for pharmaceutical manufacturers is the reverse logistics process. “It is estimated that more than 120 million units with a product value in excess of $13 billion flows throu...

Supply Chain Industry and Academics Converge At Palm Beach State College

A recent study revealed that demand for jobs in the supply chain industry outpaces supply by a ratio of 6:1.  The Business Partnership Advisory Council of Palm Beach State College is developing strategies to reduce this imbalance by increasing enrollment in the school’s Supply Chain Management program. High demand creates high salaries. Warehousing and transportation employment is forecast to increase 11.5% by 2026 and the current salary of an entry-level Business Operations Specialist is...

WDSrx Speaks With Animal Health Companies At VMX Show

Dr. Doolittle talks with the animals and WDSrx is learning to communicate with them as well. The North American Veterinary Community (NAVC) held their VMX (Veterinary Meeting and Expo) show in Orlando, Florida hosted over 17,000 guests over a five-day period. Over 700 exhibitors provided product details and demonstrations to the veterinarians and animal health professionals in attendance.  WDSrx Marketing Director Larry Hotz and Business Development Manager Sam Seelenfreund met with many of the...

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