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Medical Device Assembly Requires 3PL Expertise

Medical device manufacturers considering outsourcing of component assembly and kitting must carefully select a partner based on their ability to perform according to rigorous Quality requirements. Codes and Regulations Regulatory guidelines for handling, storage and distribution of medical devices are detailed in the Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR 820 administered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Proper application of the Code requires planning and oversight by an on-site Quality As...

Pro-Activity: 3PL Business Strategies During Uncertain Times

Before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf organized a daily meeting with Vice President Rob Gerstein and Human Resources Manager Melissa Gallagher to assess workplace issues and allocation of labor at seven warehouse locations in Florida, Ohio, New Jersey and Texas. When lockdowns were announced and work-from-home rules instituted, the team was prepared to address issues immediately to minimize disruption to operations thanks to efficient planning. PROACTIVE PLA...


Companies, no matter the size, abide by a code of ethics to ensure honesty and integrity in their business practices. Customers are much more likely to work with someone who represents ethical means of operation as opposed to those who do not. Having a set of clear cut rules to adhere by helps implement universal compliance amongst all employees. Progressive companies promote their own core value system. WDSrx developed our own code of ethics to represent the values of both our company and emplo...

Data tracking and planning are effect ways to deal with trends in the Pharmaceutical Logistics Industry.

Business Trends and Communications Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Third Party Logistics Industry

By: Justin Runsdorf Introduction The pharmaceutical Third Party Logistics (3PL) market, faces significant challenges as new advancements in the industry are introduced. In the age of constant technological evolution, 3PL companies are devising new and more proficient strategies to engage with consumers. Pharmaceutical logistics companies must shift their attention to the patients, who expect timely delivery and greater influence in their healthcare decisions. Furthermore, global crises like the ...

Inventory management covers the ins to outs of product and data management.

Inventory Management

The movement of product from upstream point of origin to downstream trading partner is central to efficient operations at WDSrx and other reputable pharmaceutical logistics services providers. The route medications travel from manufacturer to patient is complex, with multiple checks and balances to assure patient safety and therapeutic effectiveness. QUALITY ASSURANCE  Inventory management procedures meet rigorous Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance requirements established by governmen...


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