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    Advance – WDSrx Newsletter – Launch Issue

    The Newsletter of Woodfield Distribution, LLC – Launch Issue V.2016 No. Q2



    Welcome to the launch issue of ADVANCE.  WDSrx continues to advance our expertise within the pharmaceutical logistics industry.  Our strategy for measured growth is entering a new phase as we add new team members, new facilities, new technology and equipment to meet our business objectives.  As WDSrx evolves, it is important to maintain the company’s principles and values.  We interact in an atmosphere of mutual respect and positive motivation with a focused commitment to clients.  The goal of ADVANCE is to create connections among our team members working in different departments and in several locations.  WDSrx succeeds when we learn with and from each other.  Enjoy reading these stories and learning about your colleagues and our industry.  Let’s advance together.
    Team photo WDSrx


    Selective Service provides details about a key WDSrx 3PL managed service or value-added solution.  The subject of this issue is Warehousing and Distribution.

    Receive. Store. Fulfill.  With over 210,000 square feet of 3PL pharmaceutical warehouse space in Boca Raton, FL and Sugar Land, TX, WDSrx is entrusted with pharmaceutical drug products from manufacturers around the world.

    The relative quiet within the facilities contrasts with their vast spaces.  “Everyone in the warehouse works with a sense of urgency and purpose,” states Boca-Raton, FL Logistics Manager Oliver Razz.  Fork lifts and automated machinery operate under energy-efficient lighting.  Guidelines are followed for cGMP compliance and facilities are licensed by the FDA, DEA and other regulatory authorities.

    Serialization and implementation of DSCSA regulations are top-of-mind for the warehouse team as procedures and practices are modified and upgraded to maintain current compliance.  And how do you like our new team shirts?!

    Packaging pharmaceuticals


    News from WDSrx Packaging and Labeling including a cool gift idea you can package and label yourself.

    DSCSA is the main topic of conversation within the pharmaceutical industry.  WDSrx is compliant with current DSCSA directives and is actively taking steps to assure compliance with all future regulations.  Our Packaging and Labeling department is the object of much of this discussion.

    The modern 3PL pharmaceutical packaging lines in our Boca Raton, FL and Sugar Land, TX facilities require changes to enable new 2D Barcoding on each bottle.  Our technology platforms are also being expanded to meet the additional reporting requirements.  When complete, our capabilities will be expanded while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance that is the foundation of our reputation in the industry.

    White coffee mug

    The “World’s Best Supply Chain Manager” mug makes a great gift for anyone around the office.  It holds 15 oz. of your favorite drink and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

    Junk Food vs Healthy Food


    You’ve heard the phrase ‘the picture of health.’  Well, we know whose picture it is.  Our own Daniela Sinatra, Accounting Manager at our Boca Raton, FL facility is our resident motivational expert about maintaining our bodies and minds at peak performance levels.  Daniela is everywhere in the building at the same time, and her job responsibilities with WDPrx and Centrix Pharmaceutical demand high energy and focus.

    According to Daniela, “We have only one body for our entire lives so it makes sense to take care of it.”  Daniela has gained a wealth of knowledge over many years studying and living a healthy lifestyle and she generously shares tips and suggestions to improve our personal enjoyment at work and at all times.

    For example, Daniela points out that “Many people enjoy a cup of coffee during the day, but I see a lot of people on our team pouring refined sugar into their mugs.  Although this may make your coffee better tasting, many scientific studies have proven the destructive effects on our bodies from ingesting refined sugar.  I suggest that instead of pouring sugar, consider reducing or eliminating sugar in your coffee and replacing it with milk or cream.  There are natural sweeteners in milk products that sweeten your hot beverage without all the harmful effects of refined sugar.  It’s a small step with big health benefits and I urge everyone to try it!”

    Daniela is not a medical professional but she probably knows more than some doctors.  Thank you for looking out for all of us in the WDSrx family.

    WDSrx collage around facility


    Compliance Corner checks in with our Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs team to review some of their best SOP standards.  “Each SOP is a living document,” according to Manager Erika Salamon.  “Procedures are constantly reviewed and updated to reflect best practices.”

    In SOP WH-009 outlining Warehouse Procedure, Item 7.2.1 states “The warehouse facility temperature and humidity are controlled with the HVAC system as required.”  According to Erika, “This item sounds simple but maintaining constant temperature requires a great deal of support services as well as human and automated monitoring.”

    Of particular interest is SOP WH-021 about Product Disposition and Destruction Procedures.  Item 7.11 instructs that “Once the destruction process is completed, Certification of Destruction and documents obtained from the destruction facility shall be sent via email to all corresponding vendors as proof of Regulatory Compliant Product Disposition.”  Erika further explains, “All products marked for destruction are transported to an authorized facility and destruction must be witnessed by a WDSrx representative to ensure product is properly disposed.”

    WDSrx Standard Operating Procedures help ensure our entire organization performs at optimal levels of professionalism and efficiency.

    WDSrx collage around facility


    Texas Toast offers a celebration of our Sugar Land, TX facility, revealing new programs and facility updates.

    The WDSrx family now includes a new member, our expansive facility in Sugar Land, TX near Houston, TX.  The warehouse is a re-creation of our Boca Raton, FL distribution facility.  In fact, any team member from Boca Raton, FL would feel right at home working at Sugar Land, TX because all equipment and machinery are identical.  According to Robert Betts, Logistics Manager in Sugar Land, TX, “Everyone is proud to be part of the growing WDSrx family and we’re excited to increase efficiencies for current and new clients in Texas and around the country.”

    A few weeks ago severe rainstorms shut down roads and businesses in the Houston, TX area.  “Our drainage systems held up and we opened again after one day,” says Betts.  We’re glad to report the entire team and their families are safe and sound.

    Inside the WDSrx training room


    Come into the Training Room for an edited list of news stories from our Twitter feed about pharmaceutical logistics and life sciences as well as general interest articles.

    Grab some popcorn, sit down and relax to screen the new WDSrx Corporate Overview video that introduces our integrated 3PL managed services and value-added solutions empowering the Life Sciences industry.

    Biosimilars are almost an identical copy of an original biologic drug that is manufactured by a different company and that are derived from human genes. The growth in biosimilars is changing the makeup of pharmaceutical drug products moving through Third Party Logistics providers because they require Cold Chain capability and other specialized handling.  This infographic illustrates the growth in biosimilars.

    Whose supply chain is more efficient?  Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?  This analysis pokes some fun at logistics by analyzing the businesses created by Iron Man and Batman to determine a victor in the Best Supply Chain contest.

    The Federal Drug Administration recently approved a drug for sale that is produced by a 3-D printing process.  The tablet is easily digested by patients and may represent the future of mass produced pharmaceutical drug products.

    Serialization is the main topic of conversation in the pharmaceutical industry. New laws require significant changes to every link in the pharmaceutical supply chain.  WDSrx is upgrading technology infrastructure, equipment and procedures throughout the organization including Packaging and Labeling to be in compliance with Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

    Julio Meza at desk


    WDSrx-posé gets up close and personal with one of our colleagues.  Our first story features Julio Meza.

    Julio began work at WDSrx five years ago.  His title is Information Systems Coordinator in the Information Technology department.  This is a rare image of Julio at his desk at WDSrx in Boca Raton, FL.  Usually he is on his feet moving from the warehouse to the computer servers to the Reverse Logistics department and other places maintaining our operations by ensuring our technology platform and systems work at peak efficiency.

    Need a client report?  Call Julio.  How many eaches in an inner?  Call Julio.  Want a great chocolate cupcake? Call Julio’s mom.  Well, you get the idea.  Currently Julio is implementing serialization upgrades and onboarding a large Reverse Logistics client.

    Born in the beautiful country of Peru, Julio is passionate about global efforts to bring quality education to people around the globe.  Leaders in the field include Sal Khan and the Khan Academy and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan’s Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.  Julio is following in their footsteps as he was recently accepted as a mentor for Spanish-speaking students in an online course called “Learning How To Learn.”

    Thanks for bringing your passion to work each day Julio. It’s contagious!

    Woman at WDSrx kiosk


    Our Marketing and Business Development teams develop innovative strategies to increase awareness about WDSrx.  Some upcoming events and programs on our schedule include the Healthcare Distribution Management Association Business and Leadership Conference, June 12th-15th in Colorado Springs, CO, and the ECRM Contract Manufacturing and Packaging event from July 17th-18th in Chicago, IL.   Plans are underway for attendance at the NACDS Total Store Expo August 6th-9th in Boston, MA and the PDMA Annual Sharing Conference in Chantilly, VA from September 19th-21st.

    Check out our advertisement in the June/July issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce.  We are working on additional advertising and promotional programs for the remainder of the year.   Our new website, scheduled for launch in June, will increase awareness and interest with existing customers and potential clients.  The website includes newly produced corporate videos that present our facilities and services.

    WDSrx collage at convention

    For further information contact WDSrx at or (561) 998-3885.

    Are any Controlled Substances (CII) included in your return? If so, please press "Yes" and complete the DEA 222 Request Form. You can also contact Jason Solomon at or (561) 998-3885 x316.