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A Friendly Rivalry At WDSrx Spills Over To The Soccer Field

To many people soccer is more than just a game, it is a way to bring people together. The upcoming soccer match between Peru and Colombia is also pulling the team at WDSrx apart, in a friendly way.

An informal employee survey found that people from 19 nations work together at WDSrx facilities.  Many of them have roots in Peru and Colombia. And each of them are fiercely loyal to their national soccer team!

With the game scheduled for November 15, excitement around the office is reaching a fever pitch. Everyone is wondering who will prevail on game day? According to Executive Assistant Liz Hernandes, “Of course Peru will win the game but we don’t want to be too confident in front of our colleagues who feel the same about Colombia.”

As  news of the friendly rivalry spread, WDSrx President Adam Runsdorf decided to purchase tickets for everyone to attend the game.  Adds Adam, “Hopefully everyone will have the same passion for their work as they do for their favorite soccer team.”

The Peru vs. Colombia soccer game will take place on November 15 in Miami Gardens, FL at the Hard Rock Stadium.



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